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18 February 2010

3 Days Chinese New Year in Indonesia !

On The First Day of CNY !!!
Hohoho this were what we wore on that day !

We went out from about 9 am ! hohoho...
as it was Sunday,
before start to visit all our relatives !
we went to church 1st..
We went almost 10 places on that day..
wahaha was very tiring and FUN ! =)

Bro was capturing !
ready to go !
dad and sis

TADAAAA !! The angpao I got on that day =)

On the Second day of CNY !!!

Ups..camwhoring with my lovely dress !!

I went to alter the dress before..
to make it fitter as the waist was too loose..
and it cost me $25 huhu...
I love my DRESS !!!
my dress ROCK !

at Bro's room~

with cardigan ! and I am ready !

hohoho actually we did went out on that day
we were waiting for relatives to come =P

on the evening...
we went to have sumptuous dinner
we had SEAFOOD at Bengkong !
wohoooo I was craving for it...

from my seats
it was 50++ pax of us !!
w/ cousins
aiyoh! we're not ready !

entertainment !

done ! wahaha we're big big big family =)

otw HOME? nope !!
wahaha I went out for a movie with some of my cousins !
Some ok? I guess 20% of my cousins only..
ckckck I have many many many cousins !
lemme count
3 5 3 3 3 4 2 5 3 3 2 5 2

40++ cousins !
Some of them are in the other part of Indonesia,
Some of them are in Singapore, Malaysia, etc

we watched the Spy Next door...crazy loh!
the ticket only cost Rp 10.000
which was like $1.5 only !!
what cheap ! lol !

taken in Cinema's toilet
girl's toilet
that's why no guys ! =)

After that, at about 11pm (Indo's time)
which mean 12am (Sing's time)
we went to this KTV !!
hohoho that was my first time there...

Align Centeranother crazy things...

man-u themed room

A jug of Ice lemon tea
some cans of soft drink
mineral water
banana split
2 plate of french fries

2 hour of KTV
For 9 pax
(KTV price was per room)

total was only $30

Indian song wahahaha
gong xi fat choy !

act hiau !
whatever we can get !
we love man u !
our shoes !

in the toilet !
guys and girls?

act shy!
the KTV has an attached toilet for us!


On the Third day of CNY !

I was so SAD !
huahuaa I have to go back to Singapore...
Gucci was waiting for me =)
and I have two tests on the next day !

breakfast on that morning...
vegie, tofu and fish !
Mum will never choose meat for me !

can I throw away my bang?
seriously...I hate it =(

Duh !
there was another family gathering dinner on that day..

and I can't join them !
so sad !
but nevermind...
I still have my bf and baby here..
in Singapore =)

Bf picked me up from the terminal...
was planning to have Sushi Tei but ups...
aunty rose was reaching...
She drove Gucci home !

so we have to rush home..


From my Bf, Family and I and

of course...
from Gucci !! =)

Gucci take a photo !

done mummy?

what is this inside?

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