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06 January 2010

Singapore City Gallery

HUH !! I was almost late ! fortunately not ! because I paid $17 for TAXI huhuhu... going to broke if I wake up and late EVERYDAY ! Please Irene train yourself ! be discipline ! But yah.. I really really can't wake up lor... Thought school life will be more relax I am wrong ! Before this, during internship, I woke up at 9.00 and now I have to reach campus before 09.00 !! If I am late at work I guess I will be punished by cutting salary? get scolded? the worst will be fired from work? Not a really big matter for me, actually! BUT If I am late to school. I will not get 100% attendancy which may cause to FAIL of subject and I need to retake another semester. Total waste of time will be "6months" and you need total 12 month to wait to be officially graduate because graduation ceremony will only be held once a year.

addicted to take pic on e taxi
place where I goes everyday
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I went to Singapore City Gallery with Cyndi and Lake on last Wednesday 07 January, 2010. We went to the museum by MRT and Taxi. At first, we planned to go by bus. But, when we asked the bus driver about Singapore City Gallery, he was not aware of it. We were surprised and decided to go there by Taxi. When we mentioned the name of Singapore City gallery to the taxi driver, he responded that it was the first time he heard about that place. Fortunately, with the address we have, the taxi driver was able to bring us safely to the Gallery.

The exterior of the building doesn’t look like there is a development gallery in it. The interior was simple and minimalist. Ambience was relaxing and very quite. The lobby wasn’t really attractive. In fact, there were only several of visitors when we were there.

The feedback from me is that, the gallery is very creative and they make use of the chances. There several of the facilities were about voting. For me, this is a brilliant idea to do a small survey in the gallery. At first, I was having fun. I did the voting without realizing I was actually doing some surveys for the gallery until I engage more and more facilities that were about voting. I wasn’t annoyed and keep answering the surveys because it’s really interesting and I was happy that my answer did contribute to the survey.

Before we went there, we have checked that a guided tour was only available on every Tuesday and Friday at 11.30am and it’s possible to have it on another day only if we have 10 or more people. We were quite disappointed as we were hoping for a guide to explain more than what we know about the gallery. I believed that the experience will be different if there’s a guide with us. It will enhance or change the way we look at the things or the way we consume the information. At the end, we went to the customer service desk to ask some questions. She was very helpful, friendly and approachable. She even gave us a booklet of a bi-monthly newsletter that she thought it will be useful for us which is not available for public as it was not displayed in the brochures rack.

The things that amazed me were the 100-square meter 3D architectural model of the whole Singapore. The scales of the miniature were bigger than what I expected and it’s very impressive. I believed a lot of special skills, hard work and creativity have contributed to this project. It is really a wonderful piece of work that is worth to see and appreciate.

Another thing that amazed me will be the technology implemented in the gallery. At first, I didn’t expect too much technology to be inside. After that, I realized that I am wrong. It is not only about seeing, looking and listening when we go to a gallery. I get to participate in some of the activities in it such as; know your Singapore quiz, voted on several question, used the live sky cam to observe the city and a lot more. It really changed my perception of a gallery. If you asked me to compare this gallery with others, I’ll say in this gallery, it’s not only about seeing, reading and listening as there were enough facilities in the gallery that we can engage with. This is something that I think it will enhance the gallery as well as the visitors’ experience. I believed it will attract the young people to come and see. They will be impressed with the facilities available in it.

We finished the tour in about almost 2 hours time. It was actually not very big but a lot of information, facilities and things to read, see and understand. My overall experience was meaningful. I get to know a little bit more about Singapore history, the way they use the land, the available plot that were still unused, future development plan and etc.

this is the note that I left.

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Yes this is a part of my assignment lol (actually 4 pages)
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