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22 January 2010

Shopping !

yaw I had a quickie lunch this afternoon.

new snack JAGABEE *Purple potato !
love the colour OMG !!
Taste? very similar to normal jagabee actually but still...
I LOVE THE COLOUR ! and it's nice =)

Then went to C-1-TR1 to have a discussion on our course closure. We were debating the date of the event.

The committee prefer the event to be held on 17 of Feb, after exam.

Their plan were, after exam,
there's a 1.5 hours slot to dress up and then
go to the party directly

seriously kidding.

1. The night before we will study till late ! we need rest after exam.

2. Dress up / make up to school for EXAM then go to the party ?
you mean bringing stress to the party? exam and party is two different thing.

3. It's really inconvenience to bring dress, make up etc to school and dress up there.. 1.5 hour ? I need half-day ! hahaa..

So I suggested to do a SURVEY to all our friends and see which date they prefer. 17 or 18 Feb? the result will be announced tomorrow. I am confident that most of the student will choose 18 ! =)

Then we had a quick lesson haha again thanks to mr.nice lecturer !

Was planning to go for movie with bf and friends but too late..
They already bought the ticket. So I went to shop
and these were some pictures I took in the fitting room ! hahaha...
yes fitting room lol...

nice? still considering because it's not a slim-fit dress quite loose

I love this to death ! But.....
S it too small
M is too big

nice or not? am still considering

I love this !

and I bought it ! ckck..

these are my finds today !

love the pattern and colour

cardigan ! made in Cambodia lol

aw free gift nice angpao !

I was planning to have YOGURT ONLY dinner

and guess what? bf cooked "Bak Kut Teh"
woke me up and force me to eat with him.
at 3 am ! HUH !
super regret tamade !
actually we're now in competition.. we are in DIET yes ! he join gym recently and he did excercise ! my plan is only to reduce meal and no dinner! and make me lose, he woke me up and had supper HUH !
and yes the fragrance is convincing and tamade tamade tamade !!!

time now is almost 6 am ! gotta sleep Zzz... bye!

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