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14 January 2010

Resort Spa and Attractions

I am very tired recently...
always sleep at around 4-5am !

and I need to wake up at 7.30 huh !!!

I am taking Resort, Spa and Attractions subject..
Attended a lot guest speaker sessions
Went to some field trips and
Have at least an assignment each week !
that's why I slept late everyday..
The duration of the subject is 10 days
So after this I will move on to the next subject...

So lemme do a quick summarize because after blogging, I need to work on my group project because it is due on this Friday !

So mum came last Sunday..she came with her friends, we met at ION orchard then headed to Wheelock place, Far east plaza and lastly Vivo City..
I bought a dress and a sandal (will post it next time)

One of my mum's friends bought a dress at $139 ! She was told that the dress is from Italy. And Guess what? after we shop around... we found the dress at another shop and it was selling at $29.90 !! Crazy man it looks exactly the SAME ! lol after we compare we conclude that, the $ 29.90 dress was a replica version of $139 dress..and the $139 quality is better. but really loh the appearance looks exactly the same.

After sending my mum off to the terminal, I went to Garuda to dabao as I was craving for Nasi padang cost only about $30 for all these =)


udang sambal petai?

On Monday, I woke up earlier than usual because there's a field trip to Infinity spa (Awesome!) hohoho it was located in the Far East Shopping mall (yes orchard again). The Operation Manager, Mark Anthony was charming ! wahaha he was an Eurasian. Too bad I didn't take any photo with him or asked for his name card but I did shake hand with him wahaha... And photography was not allowed. So these are all I have.

After the field trip, it was about 11? We (Cynn, Martina, Henny, Mediyati and I) went to Luckyplaza. We was planning to have Ayam penyet but too bad, we were too early. So we went to Dhoby Ghaut by bus. Otw, we found this Pondok Jawa Timur, Plaza Singapura and decided to have an early lunch there.

soda gembira

Cincao selasih

tahu telor

after lunch, went back to campus

my castle will open soon haha

dim sum bought by bf

On Tuesday, nothing special happen. It just that, some of my classmate were having some meditation during Spa class wakaka =P

And Today, Wednesday. I went to Palawan Amphitheatre to watch the animal show with classmate. It is a part of our subject. I think it's about Attraction. Our boss asked us to observed it. I love Resort, Spa and Attraction subject. but well I hate to sleep late for this subject huh ! Before that, we had our lunch at kou fu. While eating we enjoyed the beach view ckck..



classmate TS03

Dinner !

Time now is 03.45 am and gosh ! I've not done my research for my group project...
mamaaaaa.............................. T-T

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