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14 January 2010

Random !

Had lunch at TAS canteen

Just had some breads for dinners... Bf went to Green Day concert...
Then Danny's birthday
Project due tomorrow and nothing is done yet!
Will wear formal attire for meeting tomorrow

everything is in this USB !
Am nervous about tomorrow's meeting
Plan to scrub my body later!
Will go for nail extension next two weeks
Will do an eyelash extension too..
Withdraw $50 at Chinatown mrt
Lecture and friends ignore me today..
hahahahahahahahahaha...what a day !

went to 5th floor..
met my grandma...
She gave me kue made by her grandma
hahaha...complicated...k thx grandma !

Gucci is resting on my lap! He's the cutest boy ever! haha
Love you my boy ! muah !

Rushing for project !

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