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23 January 2010

Rainy boring class + Korean Cuttlefish !

was a Rainy day....

Lecture started at 10 ! wohoo....
Finally, can wake up a lil bit late =P

During lecture, JC produced these....

Pictures of us
Definition? ckck

Mindmap about 12? we decided to go to Vivo
and had our lunch at "Jia Xiang Mee @ B2 "

pink monorail !
otw to vivo, a small part of resort world

I ordered no.1 a complete jia xiang mee
(fried and soup wonton, char sio, abalone, minced meat, prawn, abalone etc etc...)


wasabout $12 bucks lol Love the aloe vera !

Class was quite boring. Bought strawberry yogurt drink !
nyam love it !

Wahaha it fit ! I mean yah it's a matching background.

Class finished at 4 !!
wohooo the second earliest went back time of the month!?
Drop by Chinatown to buy something...

aha!? so crowded what's that?


I though was too little but nope !
I still can't finish it till today wahahaha...

was nice..very orginal..
I mean yah..usually we bought it from the supermarket
and it's already packed.
But for this, it was grilled on the spot man!
and you can really taste the cuttlefish

Pictures of Rits restaurant.
It's a training restaurant.
As a part of our course, we're trained to run a restaurant by ourself.
yes so I worked there before=)

On the last day of the subject,
we're tasked to run our theme restaurant.
So as you can see from the picture,
Our junior designed a jungle theme restaurant for this time.

Food are prepared by student and served by student.
It's also a place for us to have our lunch. =)

They have appetizer
(soup, salad, etc)

For main course
Sometimes they served Asian cuisine such as
chickhen teryaki, fish etc..
as well as Western cuisine
Steak, spaghetti, etc

And of course Dessert !!
(Signature tiramisu, apple crumble, pannacotta, a lot more..)

Price is reasonable !
for 3 course set meal (appetizer, main, dessert and drink)

it's only $7.50
with a complimentary bread

yeye...time to start my assignment =(

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