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17 January 2010

Over the weekend

Finally I've done my Resort Spa and Attractions subject...and the interview on last Friday was disappointing huhuhu....I didn't sleep on the night before presentation, I was rushing for the project. And yet our group wasn't prepare and it was very messy yeah.. I was extremely sad ! Because I was hoping for a good grade for RSA subject and now, I don't think sooo..... huh !

My super sleepy look on that morning 08.15 am

I went home earlier on that day was about 2? then had lunch with cynn at Food Republic. We choose Indonesian cuisine. She had chicken I had gado". The peanut sauce was terrible ! very watery and tasteless I rather don't want the sauce lol

For dinner nope ! For supper, I had McDonald huh !!!

trying their beef prosperity burger and....

twister fries ckck these two were special lol

Yesterday, I went to JC's party.


It was stated in the invitation card that the party starts at 6 ! and I went there at about 7.30 lol *very Indonesian ckck..and My lateness worth $23.50 ! huahuaa fr Kitchener rood to her place. The reason for my lateness was I DON'T KNOW what to WEAR? wahaha because the party was bbQ but they were planning to go clubbing after that. It was totally 2 different attire loh..ckck..Finally I decided to dress on my clubbing attire, which at the end. The clubbing plan was cancelled -_-'".

I didn't eat a lot, satay was the first stuff
that went into my mouth.
There were drumstick, ham, otah, corn a lot more
btw you can judge the chef's skills from the food lol
hahahaha Hendra was the one bbq-ing is it?
no wonder hahahaha =P

they were toasting and I was watching huhuhu
*I am allergic to alcohol sad ! *sobsob

kitchen side
last order 10.30 lol

The only alcoholic drink I drank.

it was a kind of cocktail. taste like fruit soda.
But still a lil bit of alcohol *4% I guess

hahaha the most interesting part. ckck..
Ok I admit, It was my idea..
ckckck Jessie was being thrown into the swimming pool ckckck

she was struggling ckck.. Sorry Jc =P

After that, something happenned.
I think it was because we're too noisy..
but it wasn't only us man..
there were several bday party going on
and the rule was after 10.30 we can't make any noise..
It was not even 10 man!
someone from which ever floor
thrown some ice cube to us.
Martina was the only victim.
It was scary lol, what if the ice kena head?
hoho. Jc's uncle and aunt was very angry
and was planning to call police..
and the management there were really *POOR
jc's uncle asked the security
"If you're the one who get injured how?"
guess what the security answer?
"Suee lo..." (bad luck)
haha Jason said to us
"we throw the ice cube to the security head
and we say "suee lo" "
hahaha hilarious lol

and yah after that,
everyone was tired and decided to cancel clubbing =)

btw this is the present from us to jc
very cute !

Besides group's gift *a big doll + cake that we (Indonesian group) gave to Jessie, I actually gave her an addition gift. Hope she likes it.

When I woke up this morning, My house was a mess !!!

Good job Gucci.
I guess he was craving for mcd huh!
So I ordered mcd for him..

kidding lol

I was hungry and craving for McDonald hotcakes
so I ordered McBreakfast =)

I ordered a happy meal and I get this !

I really can't get rid of JUNK FOOD !

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