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19 January 2010

Novotel Field Trip, Steamboating, Shopping !!

Last Sunday we cooked dinner together!

our fav belly sukiyaki

I was the one in charge of the Soup

oiyoh! oily !tadaa...Our -bf, Gucci and my meal
my fav lychee

So now ~!! I am in LAB II ! online from my campus,
having 2 hours break. Decided to update blog.

So These days I was LATE !!

Yesterday was the first day of
my Planning and Development of Tourism !

See that? haha our lecturer, Eugene Lee shown our Black and White picture on the board and it looks somehow like " List of Victims " wahaha ok choy choy choy !

During break time, I take out my stationary yes STATIONARY

ups and these two girls were caught photocapturing =P

ckck Jessie pointing her wifey

For lunch we had it nowhere but CANTEEN and you can see from the picture EGG EGG EGG lol

was a HOT day !

we supposed to go to
Novotel @ Clark quay for field trip
at about 1.30pm

while waiting for the 2nd bus.

1st bus came at about 2?
then the second bus which was our bus come at 3 !!

finally it came huh !
roller coster !
yes it was going to rain
on the bus
blossom !
pink pink pink

Huh ! The seminar start at three
while we arrived at about 3.15 pm

We missed the introduction part hoho...


Then We had a tour around the hotel.
Visit some of their rooms and suites
ballroom, restaurant and etc.
Enjoy the pics~

omg *TOP view hauhaua IR, singapore flyer,
clake quay, singapore river etc etc

e.g of wed's setting and decoration
hmm...exactly the same as y'vel wed lol



After that, actually I was planning to go home..
But Indo's gang suggest to go to Bugis for PICTURE !

ok so I follow them.

After that, when I was about to leave,

They don't allow me huh! esp. Cyndi! !!! !!!! we went to had SteamBoat

Huhuhu I was planning to skip dinner and they force me to EAT

Source : jc

OK ! Since I ate a lot, I decided to SHOP !!
exercises a bit.
and guess what? Cyndi secretly ran away !!! (huh!!)
Next time I'll do the same! =p

These are the things I bought =)

Today I was LATE again ! arrived at campus at 09.10 pm
Fortunately my lecturer is a very kind hearted person =P
Will wake up early tomorrow ! huh !

This was my breakfast during my break time.

See that two girls? act hard working haha..

Again Canteen food for lunch..and yes EGG ! huh...

While eating I saw this scene, so scary rite ckck...
She was combing a bunches of hair haha!

Otw home, I went to fairprice...
without realizing my basket were filled with Pink snack!

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