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03 January 2010

New year 2010

31 Dec 2009 - 01 Jan 2010

Wohooo So How I spent my new year? cleaned the house in the morning. Was slacking so we finished it at about 10 at night. It took 10 hours to finish lol.

very messy
triple messy

Then we took a bath and went to Clark Quay at about 11 .

was crowded

Bf was starving. So we went to find something to eat. Decided to go into this restaurant called "Bayang" without realizing that 2010 was just 10 mins away ! I told him "let's just have the drink and cancel the food" He don't want ! he said it's not important. I wanted to see the firework !!! and he said it's not important. Ok no choice since the food we ordered came on time.

my xiaocabo- no mood look on that night

Bali ocean

seafood platter
prawn, satay, sotong, chicken and fish

my nasi goreng

Just when I was about to start my first spoon of nasi goreng, I cried. People out there were counting and celebrating new year while I was having this boring dinner. How can I not cry? huhu was super SAD ! really sad sad sad. I never ever missed a single new year firework in my life (including new year firework on TV I mean) (and also except when I was baby). But this time? uwaaaa...sad sad sad ! Bf asked "what happen?" I replied "I am too happy !" huh. He know I was sad ! and he was pissed!

After finished our hundred dollars dinner, we went to walk around clark quay and then, went into Indochine he said he wanted to talk to me and have some drinks. So we talked and laughed haha. Tamade ! can't act emo in front of him. He always share a lot of rubbish to makes me laugh!

w/o brightness

w/ brightness

His Corona extra


The moon on that night

he took this photo. Actually he want to take
the pic of mei nu beside me LOL
river side
I wanted to eat this ice cream ! I asked him to buy it for me
He don't want !

because this ice cream seller always make fun of people lol
give you the cone and the ice cream disappear.
It takes about almost 30 seconds for an Ice cream lol

The most suffering part was "WE COULDN'T FIND TAXI" from clark quay we walked to Bugis. amazing right? I decided to give up after about 30mins of walking. We reached at Hotel Grand pasific and rest. After about 5mins of calling, finally bf got a taxi and we went home.

Next morning I THOUGHT I woke up late. Quickly took a bath, make up and decided to take cab ! as I promised to meet reu joe and mag at 11 and guess what? they came at 12 ! tamade I was the earliest ! huh they lied me. huhuhu..

in the taxi

the well known duck rice
was not nice actually

and so the K start !

wahaha so relax

I was drunk lol
my eyes were swollen
scandal wahahaha

mag was high. and I really dunno what's reuben doing ckck

face on the wall 1
face on the wall 2
Align Center
wahaha mag was drunk !
I wanted to go home
and she wont let me go haha

so we went to empire state @ Iluma for dinner

mag went to the toilet
we waited for her almost 20mins haha
we thought she went missing.

I guess she was still drunk? hahaha
my mushroom pizza too big lol

Then finally! I was allowed to go home
They even sang "ai wo bie zhou...."
when I was about to go wahahaha...

and People who was entering the taxi
laughed at us ckck..

and tadaaa this is what happen after I drank alcohol !
was super itchy !

and hot ! 37.7 degree
Gucci wonder what am I doing?

I was suffering last night ! My body was red and itchy !
I am allergic to alcohol.
Besides, my head was spinning !

You know what?
that was what exactly happened 4 years ago.

Dec 2006 - Jan 2007
I was drunk after new year celebration at one of the pub, Genting.
was with darman, sugi, suli, rita, kelvin, steven, acai (I think thats it)
same thing !
my skin was red and itchy + headache.

I stayed in the hotel while others went out to have fun!
He was the one who take care of me !
He heated his jacket using sun light
Hugged me

Made a cup of warm water for me

It is different this year.
because he made a hot TEA for me!
wahaha My head was super dizzy last night
I asked him "do you remember the hot jacket?"
he replied "ha? what?"
tamade! wakaka...
thats it !

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