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31 January 2010

Junk Junk Junk !

phui ! had pizza hut this morning HUH !!!!
tamade tamade diet plan FAIL FAIL FAIL huh !

flower shape pizza

Seriously I can't really have a proper diet plan HERE ! in Singapore ! fml bf always ask me (No ! Force me! ) to EAT !!! Eat is okay but Eat JUNK food is B.A.D tamade huhuhuhuhuhuhu !!!

If Im in Indonesia, mum will hide everything that will makes me FAT !
Sometime she doesn't even give me money (I mean for eat)
haha I remember I was once very eager to order McDelivery when I was in Indonesia.. and Guess what? mum hide all her money and I tried to find as much money as I can (even a cent also count !) haha after gathered all the coins,unglam money that was hidden under sofa, window, cabinet etc.. finally I have the enough amount and I call !! hahaha..., when I was small, I used to wake up in the mid night (2-3-4 am (I'm not kidding)) and COOK !! in the kitchen ! lol... I tried to invent food from whatever ingredients I can find from the fridge... Because I can't sleep at that time lol and supper become habits huh !

Yes I am fat ! Since I was a baby...

(evidence !)

double chin
round face
yes big eyes =P
and whatever expression
(laugh at myself lol)

huhuhu 2 weeks left !
Chinese new year is coming !
I swear to myself to be strict start from tomorrow !
NO DINNER AT ALL ! huh huh huh !!

Gucci was being punished (back to his cage)
because he was naughty !

ehya Drink of the day mogu mogu nyam !

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