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08 January 2010

Title lo

I have not been updating my blog recently.
I am too tired ! sigh ! My class start from 9 to 6 everyday !

by the time I reached home, had dinner and relax it was almost 11 and I have assignment to do! I am exhausted ! I only sleep for not more than 4 hours a day recently huhuhuhu I AM TIRED ! and there's one day that I was late to school. I was marked as ABSENT sad! this subject only have 10 days and I already have a record of 1 absent will effect my total grade ! really disappointed! His bros just went back today (after staying for a week here). I am happy when they were here! because they didn't go out often (coz they were addicted to their PS3) and they accompanied my Gucci (Gucci love to play with them) hohoho...besides, THEY ARE FUN ! lol can you imagine 3 brothers playing game, tease each other and etc. I believed my bf is happier when he's with them lol. We left home at about 6 something, went to harbourfront, hunt for shirts and dresses at G2000-Vivo! We spent almost 300 bucks there..then went to TheBodyShop to buy my shampoo, I spent another hundreds, then Bee cheng hiang to buy some smoked pork and floss for his grandma and friends, then had dinner at Yoshinoya! I had a beef bento + Ice green tea there...and lastly i found a super nice heels at Pedro !

my beef bento
otw home~

That's pretty high! it's difficult to find HIGH heel huh !

aw my fat leg haha~

gucci interrupted
his 2 pairs of shoes

Yah He was mad some days ago. He was stress and guess what? He throw away his BB and this is the result (let's put our hand together ! *clap clap clap) I have no comment. Just a small note to him "Seriously ! Please throw something else CHEAP !!!"

He bought a new bb

BTW he accompanied me to the school yesterday! at about 08.00am (sounds nice? Dreaming!) No ! I was the one who accompanied him ! huh ! he wanted to transfer back some money and asked me to accompany him. I thought he wanted to go to DBS and I was wrong, he wanted to transfer from UOB and when we go to UOB Bank it have not open yet lol. So it was a wasted trip but nevermind, he paid for the TAXI ckckck

colouful HDB
otw to Sentosa

aw universal studio and resort world news on our campus' annoucement board

Some days ago.....
we ordered.....
Pu Tien delivery

lychee pork

love this salted egg prawn
love this sotong !
Random pictures!
a chocolate I got from answering question
Love this fruit frolic !
but quite expensive ! OK Since their menu are healthy, nevermind then..
I tried the beauty juice. It was very nice =)

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