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31 January 2010

Weekend shopping !

Aw has been necklacing my blog recently !


3. TECHNICAL PROBLEM (no pic no blog)

I can't remember what I did without pictures !

Ok so...let's starts from Thursday ! So we went to Garuda to have our lunch... hohoho we prepared a gift for Martina... because It was her birthday ! hohoho... A Guess wallet for her...

On Friday !
yes last day of Event and Planning of Tourism subject...
again....didn't sleep on the night before, rushing for project... had a presentation in the morning... and lunch at Rits after that.

Mushroom soup !
my beef cheek
seafood macaroni
Again pictures taken ! with table + food !

Dessert...cheese cake...

Then we went to SHOP !
wahaha I didn't sleep the night before and..
we went shopping ! lol....
till about 10 pm man !

We went to Far East Plaza

I had this Kiwi Garden $4.50

Super refreshing !

$ 15 ring !
I found the same ring at another shop
but price different ! they sell it at $59.90 lol price discrimination...!

high waist skirt wohooo~ only $10 each

a dress $10 only !

a cardigan $10 only too !!

overall the dress skirt and cardigan were only $50 !
huahauaa *happy!

dad mum bro came !!!
hohohoho we went to SHOP
yes again...orchard
far east plaza lol
we also went to Bugis =)

otw to meet them

face or meatball?

I know I am not pretty and fat !
but nevermind
at least I have something that I am satisfied with !
my eyes !

ups 3 of us were captured !
mum was trying a dress damn nice
ya la $150 of course nice lol

took a pic while
mum was in the fitting room~

another click !

wahahaaa please laugh ! lol
how cute lol lol lol
they were posing with the hat !

love em !

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  1. where did you buy the high waist skirts from? pretty! :)


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