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26 January 2010

3 in One !

Hohoho shh... I am having lecture now...
Henny and Cindy is browsing the internet
googling for "hair 2010" ckck...
Martina is bang-ing her head on the table Zzz...
Jessica is drinking her herbal tea
Anny is playing with her phone
Mediaty is the only person listening ckckck....
ehya ! And myself blogging. =P

Let's start from Sunday !

Bf made half boiled egg.
yes it was perfect.
because it's his daily breakfast ckck...

had this coconut...
called botak coconut only 90 cent / head
haha I mean 90 cent each..ckck...
it's mini in size and easier to open than thai coconut..
and it taste similar to Thai coconut..
can be found at any NTUC I guess..

yaw ! my hand...
thank gucci for the gift T-T

had KFC for dinner *clapping
(no picture and no thanks !)
rushed for assignment 1 on that night
and finally submitted in the early Monday morning fiuh!

On Monday...
Had this chicken fillet at canteen.. $4.50
love the mushroom soup

Had some activity in the afternoon class...
see that? martina was lecturing ! haha...
and that's our charming kind hearted lecture's back! =P

our work ! messy?

how about this?

Anny and Jessica with their fav lecture ! ckck..

We had a session with Marina Bay Sand in the evening...

And today !
aw..otw to Vivo City it was so dark!

I had early lunch during 15mins break

A cake made by me..
using (I don't know what's the name)
during the class haha..

saw this on the newspaper...
how awesome our president is !

Had hello panda and orange juice for snack.

henny's snack so unglam rite haha =P

Gold coast? Anyone? ckck...


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