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04 January 2010

1st day of school 2010 save $20 removing my acrylic nail,
I tried my self and FAILED !
duh ! My nail is super ugly now !
will wait for it to grow longer huh!

Finally went back to school ! Submission for portfolio was at 9 ! and I almost late ! didn't sleep last night, rushing for portfolio huh ! no choice. Took taxi and finally tadaaa....went back to TAS after 3 months ! a lot of things has changed ! yah resort world in front of my campus I mean =)

it was raining !!!

Fortunately It was protected by a plastic folder =)

IR ! Coming Soon

was jamming!
half awake me
aHRR !! See that? My castle! haha
the construction work were super fast loh! it's almost done!


I used to be there too !

Guess what? I forgot the password of the toilet LOL !

When I arrived, I dunno where to submit my portfolio ! huh! was panic ! Try to call my friends and no one know ! lol finally we were gathered at C-2-SR and start ed 2.2 Introduction lecture ! So I am in class 3 ! yuhuu a lot of Indonesian friend =) The first subject we took was "Resort, Spa and Attraction" sounds fun isnt? yah SOUNDS ! Another goodnews was that our schedule will be from 9 in the morning till 5-6 evening ! T-T So....

Went to kou fu to have lunch with medy, cynn, martina.
I had porrige

lunch time !

meatball porridge !
otw to the monorail !
see that? that's a hotel I think !

Asian Kitchening!

Love the Thai style tofu

Link ! the exit/way to city square mall has opened !
just alight at Farrer Park station and go to exit I

Booked old dogs for tomorrow!
4 tickets!

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