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05 January 2010

Old dogs !

yay second day back to campus ! yuhuu !! woke up early, make up and went to school by MRT yes ! Had lunch with jez, jason, med, cynn, mediaty, henny, eve ! We had lunch at Ritz ! A training restaurant of my school ! yes ! A place where I used to work too..a place where I accidentally spilled a glass of water during wine serving test lol.

I love the potato salad ! SUPERB !

Chicken with whatever sauce

Seabass w/ mushroom

green tea creme brulee
love it ! crust on the layer and creamy inside !

back to lecture ! yawn !
Suddenly notice....


wahaha 2 of my classmate wore
the same colour shirt and same hairstyle lol
they looks the same from the back

After boring lecture, I went back home for a while
and went out again to Plaza Singapore for movie !

"Old dogs"

must watch really !
worth to watch!
we always laugh at least every 5 mins ckck

Dinner at Manhattan fish market

seafood platter


Tiramisu !
It wasn't really nice !
The one I did was nicer =P

Ordered a fried mushroom for donation !
suddenly miss my kuku and rara
they went missing almost 6 months huhuhu...
where are they?

lastly, this angel looks so pathetic lol


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