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21 December 2009

Christmas and New Year 2010 plan

awwww how come my weekend were always so bored huh ! I was planning to go for shopping...but what's on my mind was only *bugis *orchard *vivo which was no longer INTERESTING and personally not INTERESTED huh! Beach!? aw I hate beach huahaua no no I hate SUN is the correct words. I hate hot weather I hate sweating I hate tanning ! yeah it is not funny to go to the beach on rainy day hoho....But well, as promised, I will bring Gucci for a walk to east coast? sentosa? yeah.. somewhere..someday..later..hihi.. *Gucci ! mummy promised!

My lil sis is in Singapore with her friends and yet have not contact me since yesterday lol I guess she's enjoying.. hoho... I am going back to Indonesia tomorrow hoho !! will come back next sat I guess...the date is not confirm yet... but for sure I will attend yvel weds on 27 Dec..

Bf asked if I want to spend new year at Sentosa, Siloso beach. I said NO !! "so you mean I have to wear beach wear? without heels? no !" I was told that it will be something like *foam party "Harllow? FOAM PARTY? it will ruin my make up ! a big NO NO NO" omg foam party = tsunami ! (disaster) lol

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hahaha I am robot..can't live w/o heels,make up etc.. ckck... I want to spend my new year in a high-class way, elegantly, glamorously , romantically (whateverly) ! yes It sounds BORED ! new year should be something happy ! party! shouty! screamy (yes! these words can only be found in my dictionary) ckck... spending new year eve on beach might be an interesting thing BUT when I imagine that people will wear sleeveless or topless (myb), sweating, dancing, shouting and yeas foamy! *OMG I can't take it lor...and yes crowdedness that can't be avoid during this eve...and I don't like it when no-air-con is around ! I need air ! I can't enjoy it when it's hot ! But well let's see..if there's really no other option, I might consider about it.

Anyway, So how would I spend my xmas this year? yes of course with fams ! my parent love to spend xmas in the church together (complete member) They didn't say it, didn't ask me to go back.. I guess they are paiseh to ask me to go back..they afraid to bother me and the point of all these is they loved me ! I know what they want and yay ! to be a guay ('guay' as in obidient not weird) nu er I want to make them happy =) and yes I want to spend a warmth xmas with fam too ! another thing is that, there's a plan for us (me,bro,sis) to baptist on the christmas day this year. well let's see =)

So go back to what I did today, woke up at about 12? didn't do anything meaningful, was turning on/off the TV , Computer, tidy up the house, pack my lugage only ! till about 7? was planning to go to city mall for dinner but yes I HATE MY BF ! he said he was craving for KFC huh I really hate junk food ! and I hate him! again he postponed the city square trip huh I HATE HIM ! at the end I don't have choices but to eat KFC too! as he ordered 6pcs chicken and a bandito. I HATE IT ! I am not felling well now...I am full and yeah I felt that a lot of rubbish is in my stomach ! huh! I HATE FUNKFOOD ! YUCK!


pepsi (new packaging?)

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