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04 December 2009

Weekend & Work & Sigh !!

Yeah so the night before yesterday..I had MCDONALS for dinner !! huh I swear I can't get rid of JUNK FOOD !! huh...especially when there's a devil beside me !! fiuh ! he always forces me to eat !! arghhh !!

I love seaweed fries!

Just nice haha when the advertisment was being shown on the TV, The food is already in front of me =P

Then yesterday...I went to orchard !! wait wait I have not finish my word... I went to orchardd !! for work...!!! *super big SIGH ! huahuaa... My company was having a roadshow so I need to assist...otw there, I took some random pictures...enjoy =)


Miss santa deer

mr santa deer

plaza singapura

what's that?

let's get nearer..wooo a giantic LV bag hoho
an yay so finally I arrived at Ngee Ann =)

Giantic xmas tree =)

aw who is that? HI 5 !!

Hohoho toy's fair

see that? JUNK !! huahuaa...Had KFC..

chezzy meltz and cheeseeee fries (love it!) hauhuaa

our booth

After work, I went to walk around the mall and lastly, I went to the toy's fair..

it's nice ! I love the mirror and the bed so princess..

this mirror is also nice ! dream room...

Orchard road at night...

see that? ferrerro rocher xmas tree !

Orchard road

otw home~

supper !

hihihi auntie anne's pretzel !

zesty rosselle

For breakfast this morning, I had this mee goreng rasa rendang pedas medan yuhhuuuu! and then, today is a "Gucci Grooming Day" hohoho... bf tasks was comb, clean ear, tear stain and bath Gucci and my job was to blow-dry gucci hohoo... =P it's tiring ok lol dry gucci hair was like dry 3x of my hair hauhuaa...

wohooo sexy Gucci

happy happy

I want snack mummy !!


I am Gucci

wohoo chocolaten !

Pink *strawberry chocolate it smell and taste good =)

Bf bought chicken rice nyam !!

watching TV now... stay tune =)

wahahaha I received this e-mail ! and again the promotion is at chevron house which was just 2 mins walk from my office building hahaha ! so yeah maybe I might consider to go and buy =P

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