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13 December 2009

Weekend ION-ing ^^v

ahhhhh bangkrupt bangkrupt bangkrupt !!!

We (bf and I ) went to ION, orchard

We went there at about almost 3pm !

We had our lunch 1st...

We had it at this Asian Kitchen

These were what we had..nyam!

His red bean milk tea was nice he said
My ume drink ! superb !

I was on diet as I want to look nice at bf graduation dinner... I only had this duck roll...

and he had this eggy bowl,

he said it was nice, but TOO little ckck...yah he need giantic size food =P

meat lover was super nice !


wohoo another membership
it cost $28 if I am not wrong...

Then we went to walk around...
get into this fossil shop...
as he was looking for casual watch...
he love this watch and bought it lol...
it was almost $300
Rp 2 million ckckck...

He want to find long sleeve collar shirt. So we went into some shops and finally we went into burberry...
wohoo the fitting room was so spacious...
I think 10 over people can fit into it
(excuse me for being so kampong..)
haha =P

it looks nice...I said..
He's not the's me that looks nice...
please lor!

both are nice

nice price too...

>_< his shirt and my dress !!!
Finally I found something ! wahaa...a dress..he said like ah ma ! tamade!
it's very nice lor...
will wear to his graduation tommorow =)

live music

it's very very hard to find a long lenght and nice cardigan !! huh ! and top shop have a lot of choices...finally we found one after about 1 hour searching lol...

he bought these thing without trying..
and at the end he said will just give it to my brother huh!

waiting for our 8711 taxi

finally...otw home!

and yaps
it ends our day... =)

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