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01 December 2009

Batam of the Seas ! HAHAHA !

So today I'll talk about the most interesting issue ever !!

I found a super cool guess ring on board !!!! hauhuaua !!

Found doesn't mean someone lost it and I picked it up

I bought it at a very good deal ! OMG~

The original price was US$ 25 only !

and yeah I get it with special staff discount hohoho... =P

and it was only US$ 18 after disc!

huahua it was really an unbelievable price for me,

who aimed myself as a ring collector ckck..

I love it soooo muuuccchhhhh !

These are some other accessories I bought...

Bought a parfume for bf =)

was only USD 71

Stuffs on board the ship were all authentic tax free and duty free !
that's why all of the things on board are cheaper than market price =)
and again, I can get special disc on board so why not !?
It was quite a lot of thing to buy (for me only maybe) haha...

but I don't have the thing which people called it 'money'

I was looking at Royal Caribbean shirt

But none of it catches my eyes and but this...


please don't laugh at me...
(I can't even stop laughing at myself)

hahahaha I bought it because it was interesting and cheap lor ! I can colour on the shirt again and again as the colour will disappear after wash! only cost US$ 11 after disc.

Last Saturday, I went back to Indonesia...
It was quite sudden..
because something happen ! lol

Gucci wants me to bring him too !

otw to HF in the taxi

So my dad fetch me up from the terminal..
(He said he has waited nearly two hours at the terminal ckckck...)
went to buy Chinese medicine..
went to Nagoya Hill to have some snacks...
sis had fried rice and I had mpek mpek OMG I love mpek mpek ! hoho...

Coffee town

Her Nasi Goreng

mpek mpek !!

yahoo !

One thing I hate aboutt Indonesia..
You can smoke even when you're in the mall....

Candid ckck~

I found this pair of heels btw..hauhaua...
it's high enough so I decided to buy ! hehe...

Then we went back home, took a bath and headed to Pacific (a cruise theme hotel)
to attend PSMTI (Paguyuban Sosial Marga Tionghua Indonesia) birthday party..
it's a Chinese Indonesia society.
I was having fun with all my cousins ! haha...
I love them..they are all very naughty and really really FUN !

Love the mee goreng !

I don't like to eat corn soup, except this ! huahau was so nice !

Fish !

Coffee chicken ! really have a lil bit of coffee taste lol

thanks to my lovely cousin, Fitri who gave me this portion of veggie hauhuaa..

something like fruit sago? hoho...

Nothing can stop us from eating ! haha we can eat in the dark =P

with flash !

Lucky draw
and yah ! not lucky enough ckck..

The ship huahuaa..

On the Land

Next day, Sunday, as usual, we went to church to worship the lord =)
After that, dad, mum and I went to have fish soup near to DC mall..
(bro and sis were having meditation at that time wakkaa)

..pending...pic is in dad's hp

Then went to BCS to buy my indomie...
Went to grandma's house for a visit..
went back home to pack my luggage and again back to Singapore !

back to SGP !

Bought dinner from harbour front

and also starbuck !

my toffeenut coffee and his java chips coffee !

Wohooo starbuck xmas open house !!

Lastly, these are some stuffs I bought randomly !

Chocolate vanilla? hot fudge? creme caramel? hohoho~

I spent nearly $300 on TheBodyShop again!? huhuhu I am really broke !

I bought the spakling eye liner and mascara (black and silver)
Dry oil body mist (passion fruit)
Papaya scrub
Peppermint scrub
(according to my sis it's very cooling)
Deep Sleep pillow and body mist
White musk body powder
and yay I received free gift which contains of
a pouch, shower gel, lotion and make up remover =)

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