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30 December 2009

So what happen next?

Yeah...In the morning, we sent Gucci off for grooming. Aunty Rose picked him up at the car park. His fur were all tangled so he had no choice but to cut botak. ckck..We leave it to aunt to style it.

happy? exciting? or want to run away? ckck

ready Gucci?
The jerk and I

So I went out alone that night but yah didn't have my dinner alone in the end. He smsed me and.....

while waiting for that jerk
Ok lo since his bros were around, I gave him face and had dinner with them. (give him face) We went to french restaurant CitySquareMall. To release my anger I ordered a lot !

baked potato

seafood chowder

chicken cheese
meet sauce doria

and their beef bacon and hamburg cheese?
the drink were about $3/pax
free flow at the drink station

he was settling the bill
was about $90+ *ONLY
I should order more !


aw I love this pastilles !

aw what creature is that?

aw little Gucci is back
Haha he's botak now lol

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