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07 December 2009

Work !!

Since I am still in the office, I'll talk about WORK ! yah..working is still a very new things for me. I still need to discover more working style =) I am going to end my 3 month internship SOON ! wohoo which is like only 2 weeks more ! hehe...

I will miss my desk, the oceanview (haha), the waterfall (haha) and people around me hohoho....

overall I love to work ! hoho my SIP company really treat us (intern) or maybe it's only me (-_-") very well ! huahuaa... I didn't feel very stress when I am at the office..or maybe its because my bosses were always busy. They only give me things to do when they really need help hoho which is good and also bad ! whauhaua it makes me feel so 'bo se co' in the office! haha that's why I want to experience more office kind of life. Before I started my Internship, I always wonder what exactly people do when they're in the office. I always assumed that things that's need to be done in the office, sit down, facing computer is very difficult. But now, I've changed my mind, job that needs to face directly to thecustomer is much more difficult ! hoho it is really stressing especially when we meet very annoying and unreasonable customer hohoho ! but In fact, I still love to face people as I love to talk to stranger..hear the story of different people...

Another positive things of working might be "you'll get to travel for free !!" wahahaha... I am very lucky seriously ! in just 3 months being a new intern, I get to travel for 3 times ! which is good and also bad ! hauhua.. I was travelling WITH WORK in hand which was relax and also stress! Besides, my company is really good to their staff. For me, roadshow is a very tiring job ! but..guess what? my company shouldered our transportation (2 way! by taxi ok? ) and also meal expenses ! hohoho which is very good in my point of view.. hihihi... I enjoyed working at a roadshow..

When we worked OT , we can also claim taxi home wohoo~ and I can accumulate OT and take off in lieu ! hohoho...and company will have a lot of high tea as well as company dinner ! and always high class type of dinner lo ckck.. and for those who follow my blog will know, there are a lot of random snacks during office hour! wahaha many good points right?

Another thing is that, it's very fun to have a lot of funny funny colleagues ckck ! they are all very fun loh really fun fun fun !In the office I laughed at least 3 times a day =) I think this is the most important things in a JOB.. Can you imagine to work with people you don't like? it will be like hell loh...

The things that I don't like will be,
1. I need to wake up early and reach office on time !
2. Sometimes I need to do things I don't like.
3.It's very annoying you're stuck in the office to do something while your colleagues has gone home !
4. Lesser time to go out for shopping !
5. What you can wear to office is restricted.
6. Sometimes people will comment on how you wear (this is annoying !)
7. Travel is good but when you're forced to travel that's bad.

Ok so just a wrap up of what I did today. I had lunch with QL, she said she want to eat fish soup which ended up, I was the one who had fish soup noodle hoho..

always have a long queue for this stall

After trying, so so only ler..

Then we went to chevron house, she accompanied me to queue and buy this ! tadaa... was quite embarassing but I don't care..I have to buy 2 boxes, to get the goodie bag..and there are total of 20 goodie bag in the shelf and I have to choose a number from 1-20. I choosed 3 and 13 since I like 3 and tamade, the goodie bag was the same hahaha...

and some vouchers
(I left it at the office)

This blackcurrent redoxon wasn't taste really nice, still prefer orange flavour

So after that, otw home, I just realized that the city square mall garden has completely done ! hoho another playing place for gucci.. a lot of plants and it's very green...

wohooo another farrer park MRT new exit is opening soon..farrer park mrt has about 10 exit I guess whauhaua... I went to da bao this fried rice chicken and drinks for dinner.

bf bought this korean crab flavoured chips !

cute !

I think that's it ! need to take a bath liao =PPPP

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