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28 December 2009

SADDEST day in this year !

I hate today ! I really HATE !! Yes I am crying now. It is too sad! Today supposed to be a good day and as well as a day that I am waiting for... because..Today is our 4th year anniversary. Guess what? He really forget and I don't want to remind ! (Extremely SAD) In my impression we NEVER ever celebrate anniversary because he NEVER remember. Just after I cried sadly and asked "Do you remember what day is today?" then he remember. Omg it really hurts ! We actually planned to go out together with his bros. From 2 we postponed to 4 then postponed to 6 ! It's okay since I was updating my nevermind. Let's go out at six. I am done ! I've took my bath, make up and DONE ! He's sleeping now. Still sleep after I woke him up more than ten times. He insisted to sleep again (Have a nice dream then). I am starving . I have not eat anything yet. He suggested delivery (NO THANKS ! I am really sick with delivery menu) . So the best thing for now, I guess I'll just to go out, have my dinner alone on this special day and celebrate that I have SUCH boyfriend. Thanks to him!

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