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24 December 2009

BF's culinary skills and "La Costa"

(22 December 2009)

Almosttttttt postponed my trip again....
Was planning to go back at 4 or 5pm today. But as my sis and her friends need more time for shopping, we decided go back at about 6 unfortunately the departure time available is at 7.20 ! the end we still decided to go back....

I was packing my luggage this morning and suddenly bf wants me to cook (syuh ! I can't escape !) since I was still waiting for my sis, I decided to cook for him but when I was about to cut potato, sausage etc. I screamed "beib !!! I can't !! It will damage my nail...unless you want to pay me $80 for another nail extension" (hahahaa) at the end, I was only assist in washing the rice, frying and other easy job wahaha =P yah he did the cooking...

omg! can't believe bf's cook were all not bad..
the purpose of flattering is
he should cook more often...
for me...ckckkck =P

his signature dishes

salty veg soup
taken from taxi lol
huh still blur
nah a not bad pic of sgp flyer

and finally I am now in Indonesia~ Truly Asia~ wakkaka
Attended aunt's new restaurant opening
"La costa" another branch after "La cruise"
was crowded..

La costa
oi ! we're not ready !
ok ok shoot !

and now my turn !!
yes I am holding a white roses lol

food on our table
halfway done!

met cousins...
and met my old classmate (a friend of mine since kindergarten?) she is a super model now hoho has been travelling around the world for modelling competition and can found her face appearing on magazines and newspaper very often glad that she's still remember me =)

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