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23 December 2009

Mini holiday postponed!

(21 December 09)

yes sorry mum ! I postponed my trip back to Indonesia wohohoho..supposed to go back today but yah I need to go to the clinic for check up....

shortie me.
waiting for TAXI at the carpark

Besides check up, it was too much things that I need to buy and it was hard to leave my boy (referring to Gucci) hahaha ok ok and also my bf =P he's having his holiday too. So we actually have a lot of time to spend together. We went to orchard and we were starving when we arrived !! he was craving for sushi so we went to SUSHI TEI we were so so so full after that can see from the pictures below....

so glam xmas tree

orchard road

aw miniature

camwhoring while he was settling the bill =P

Then we went to walk around takasimaya and ngee ann...I bought a bag and a wallet from Guess for my lil sis *for her birthday present and he bought a burberry polo shirt (which for me, it looks exactly the same as his old burberry shirt, same colour same design) he said "No! the button is different" LOL ! and for me, I bought nothing sad...

Omg ! I love orchard !
and the ambience !
he was saying, xmas is coming ! wahaha =P

tree of hope?

I love this slutty randolph !

the matching wallet

the bag and wallet

after from ngee ann, we was planning to watch movie !! we went to Shaw center (again!) hohoho... Bf wanted to watch *ZombieLand which has stopped showing *disappointed! So we went to royal on Scott road for taxi (yes again!?). I bought starbuck *java chip w/cream otw.

going up !

shaw center
while going down
see that? Hello kitty counter !


same place as yesterday, photo skills improved

We went to city square mall, fairprice
for some groceries as he wanted to cook.
These were what we bought.

was SUPER heavy lol
free a fairpice shopping bag if you spent $50 and above

our fave sausage and shabu shabu

for soup


jagabee new packaging?

some drinks

He immediately cooked porridge (which actually I should be the one who do the job because I promised, but yay! I was having my period I am weak (excuse) haha) so he cooked it himself and it was yummy ! haha he used pork rib to stew add some sausage, seasoning and his recipe of fried onion huahuaa...surprisingly it was nice hohoho...

delicious supper ended my day ! =)

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