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16 December 2009

Lunch wit Joycelyn

Happy happy....this afternoon, very randomly our colleague, Jocelyn, treated us for lunch hohoho...I never know that our area was that near to Chinatown.. We walked about 5-10mins far from our office building to this restaurant called Zhou's's at the far east square, I've ever been there for my field trip can find traditional shop houses as well as modern retail shops. It is a combination of old and new concept. If you're a tourist. It's a good place to explore as there's a lot of history kind of things that you can read along the way . In addition, you can also visit the nearby famous fu tak chi museum, which tells about history of Singapore. There are some displayed sculptures and miniatures to illustrate and the admission is free. sounds informative? Ever did a report on that place mar... =P anyway...the point is...We eat a lot at zhou's kitchen! wahaha...

dim sum

fried rice
pork with whatever sauce hohoho
egg tart

juices !
I was damn ugly in the picture..
and yeah I am sorry mag but I think..
you'll want me to cover your face too huahua...

So yeah~ I went back to the office today.

random pic...hoho see that? they were filming..

It's supposed to be my last day. But yay my boss asked me to go back again this Friday huahua...This friday will be my last last last day as an intern. Wohoo... and yes ! I will miss you guys, my colleagues !

the snacks...

and the fridge !


please don't cry on that day...or my make up will ruin ckckckck.... Last impression is important looooo.... hehehehe.... so please!

ok ok then... after from the office, it was almost 8. I have nothing to do actually... but don't know why I still can stay until so late.. I never feel that going to the office is a stress thing (except the wake up early morning part)'s a very fun place colleagues, work and laugh (it doesn't mean that we're not serious) and a lot of makan sessions with colleagues and a lot more...aiyoh! This friday is my last day. So fast loh....was like only one week (sounds familiar?) yeah this is the sentence that people will always use when they are going leave haha...

ok ok the point is yes! let's go back to the topic..After from the office, was about 8. I went to da bao dinner (huh ! he always says "If you pass by any food stall please buy dinner for me") tamade ! fei hua ! I will surely pass city square mall when I go home..! huh...ok lah...he gave me his first salary..!! nevermind...will buy him dinner lo... small case ckck...

While thinking of what to eat, I found this Indonesian Restaurant ! hoho directly I went in and ordered some food..There are some promotions going on.. I ordered Chicken Nasi campur and Sotong and prawn Nasi campur as well as satay ! hoho...I will give them 7/10 the rice was a lot but the chicken and sotong prawn, which is NICE is too little and yeah..the rice doesn't smell and taste nice, was like normal rice only hoho...but the dessert and satay was not bad.

love the chairs

indo sushi wor~ I asked what are the sushi filled with? they replied, petai, udang sambal etc ckck...interesting!

Ok lah~ that's all for today..
planning to go Ikea Tomorrow let's see first lahh~ (Mag's style) ckckckck...

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