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02 December 2009


Aha ! Indonesian who stays in Singapore
I think you will like this post ! hohoho...

I'll share what I found from this awesome magazine
Indoconnex !
You can get this from various places..

For more detail you visit their website at

So I'll just wrap up what I did from last Monday !
yeah finally I went back to the office
and met all my weird colleagues ! haha..
Again, I can't stop laughing !
yes, partly I laugh at myself too... conclusion, they missed me (HAHAHA)


So on Monday, Joey and I went to Banquet to have lunch~ I had this...

SIOMAY !! wohhooooo I love Indonesia cuisine !

I miss this orange aloe vera !

Oh gosh ! Again ! colleagues, Sharon brought some snacks for us hohoho...

Dinner - veggie rice from Kopitiam, city square mall =)

Tuesday, had lunch with joey, Ql and reuben..

Indian mee goreng.. red colour !

uncle ah po- plum juice and a random chocolate...

Today, wednesday... I went to have my luch with reuben and Joey..

Korean restaurant @ chevron house

some figurine inside the table

Beef bulgogi $ 8

Joey and reuben

yuhuu peachie

Parfume sale wor~

We (intern) were forced to accompany mr.rubber
to go and buy ribbon at Novena wakaka =P
We had dinner at LongJohn

Ice skating !

Hoho I guessed that's it for today =P

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