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17 December 2009


AHHHHHHHHRRRRRR !! I accidentally deleted some pictures from my phone.. huhuhu... pictures of the food, ikea etc were all gone !! huhuhuhuhuu.....and yyaaa~ we finally went to IKEA wanted to find a CD rack for his game collection.. we were starving as it was about 3 when we went out. and we have not had our breakfast nor lunch. So when we reached, we directly went to the foodcourt and grab something...

I had
+ shrimp + fruit salad

+ Swedish meat ball
+ orange juice

he had
+ fish fillet and pasta
+ 6 pcs of chickhen wings haha..

+ a chocolate milk

huhuhu...I accidentally deleted the pictures of the food sigh!
what's left on my phone were only...

a pic of me+ not ready pose and w/o flash lol !
a pic of me with flash and yeah...
finally a proper pic...
I was wearing fake lashes today =)

fave room 1

fav 2
aw I bought this! $39 only

pic of us
lovely dining room

aw love the curtain
I'll buy this bed frame if I lived permanently in Singapore

tadaa done !
these are what we bought...
a mini house for gucci $19

coffee table $49

marker+ stamp $2

photo frame $39
towel $5
hanger $6
laundry basket $22
total was about $150 only wow!

Then, bf went out to orchard central to meet his classmate and lectures as he will held an exhibition of his work there.. I wasn't allowed to follow him huh angry ! he sms-ed me and asked if I wanted to watch *Avatar, I said ok lo after a while he sms-ed me again and said that the tickets were fully sold out lol..
In the end, He bought me dinner lo~

wohooo bf bought dinner for me and it's from es teler77 !!

banana chocolate cheese
es teler
ice avocado, jack fruit and coconut

+ it ends my day +

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