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12 December 2009

Gucci went to veterinary

I stayed at home ystd, my supervisor said, since he will not be in the office on saturday, I should take an off in lieu yeah I stayed at home and did my mini project =) and these were what bf bought for dinner yesterday,

was starving as I did not have breakfast nor lunch hohoho...

This morning, we brought Gucci to the veterinary as something happened to him, his anal was swollen so immidiately we brought him to the veterinary at boon teck road, we called for taxi, I told the operator "I need a taxi, I am bringing my dog with me, small dog, hand carry" and after 10 mins waiting, no one was willing to take us. So we tried to call again and this time we didn't say anything! and it was about less than a minute 'we got a taxi' lol !! so realistic..luckily Gucci didn't make many noises, he was very nervous as he seldom travel. and yes he's exciting =) how cute he is !


mami !!
let's wait outside since it was crowded inside =)

Gucci was happy wahaha because he still don't know what dr gonna do to him lol

was 4.1 Kg
wohoho bf tried to calm him down

still happy...
take pic ! since doctor went out to take something =)

hope he's fine !
he was having a small surgery inside lol

dr. said he's brave wohoho he didn't even cry ! good job Gucci =)

lol spent $84

Finally we're otw home!
and yay his tear stain is getting better =)

how sweet ! he sat between me and bf hohoho...

pic of me today!
llook at my shirt was full of fur lol

and yeah after this picture
I left my handphone in the TAXI !! lol how stupid I am !

I tried to call for about 10 times to my hand phone, reported to comfort taxi cuts.service and worrying! omg.. after worrying for 10mins ! the kind uncle finally answered my call !! oh gosh ! he delivered the HP to my home omg! thanks god I didn't lost it because...Today's Gucci clinic trip pictures were all inside !! hohohoho...I gave the uncle $10 and he accepted it happily =) I am extremely happy too hohoo..

and also sad because before I found it, bf said " nevermind.. just let it be.. since you want I phone, I bought a new one for you !" *DUH! dunno should lost it or not now haha... was planning to go shopping today ! *slutty bf ! huh said he's tired and postpone the shopping tomorrow damn it ! will buy tons of things tomorrow to release my anger huh !

We ordered Pu tien Home delivery for
breakfast,lunch and dinner
*all in one*

Black pepper crab, better than chilli

Chilli crab

wohooo the crab's egg

Love the fried rice !

Pu tien century egg, was sweet ans sour not too bad
Indonesian kangkong better =P
Dessert love dessert love dessert love dessert !
White fungus with fruit if I am not wrong lol

tadaa....Gucci is waiting hohoho~

lol was $117 woder why they didn't charge taxes and service fee hoho...
happy saturday ^^v

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