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03 December 2009

First Kiss

I am going to share about my first kiss with bf...
I bet he has forgotten ! ckck...What I remember was..

On that day, just right after school
(still with my school uniform),
I followed my bf and some friends to a small village to find dukun

(A dukun is an Indonesian shaman and also traditional healer, curer, spirit medium, custom and tradition experts and on occasion sorcerers and masters of black magic.)

wahahaha if I am not wrong, we went there because one of my friend (mr S)'s money was stolen and it was quite a big sum of money..It was suspected to be stolen by someone he knew.. He wanted to know whether his guess was correct..So we went to dukun to find out! What the dukun did was, he used a bowl of black ink, did some prayer and stained his own thumb with it.. He asked my friend and all of us to concentrate and look at his black thumb. He said the pictures of the person who steal the money will appear (??) wahaha.. Now I laugh.. it was quite silly actually.. hoho.. (suddenly I miss all my old classmate..I miss to hang out with them in uniform! haha and I remembered that we loved to skip class ! we (10 over people) have ever kena punished to swept the whole school and also stand in the center of the school field because we skipped the computer class)

- jimmy
- pepeng
- teryn
- aji
- naro
- marco
- hadi bakcang
- eddy
- bob
- Jati
- Alcer
- Kevin
- my bf
- and I
- etc

Classmate =)

At the end, of course !
we still don't know who steal the money wahaha..
After from the dukun, bf drove me home and yeah..

*ta daaa....

That was the time , the moment he kissed me
for the first time wahaahaa...

=P It was like less than 5mins,
(what's on my mind was "I love you")
hahaha disgusting!
He was shy ! hahaha !
but nevermind he's a good kisser HAHAHA
At that time, it was nearly 7pm.
I asked him to go home earlier as the road to his house was quite dark..

After from his car,
I can't stop smiling ! hahaha...
To be honest, I kept thinking of him at that time..
We chatted on the phone for quite a long time
(yeah that's what a normal teenager will do!)
And next day, just as usual, he fetch me up to school...

I found a picture from my friendster and also a small lil note from him haha~
(we were in our uniform in the picture)

I love school love ! it was romantic !
What my bf did was
- Did my homework
- Carried my bag
- Fetch me to school and drove me home
- Bought lunch for me or have some lunch after school
- Hold hand secretly
- Dating in the class when teacher was explaining haha!
- Covered my mistake and a lot more !
- Study together for exam
- Cheat together during exam
(we can even change our paper during exam wahaha so fun !)
- Chatting in a piece of paper, he passed it to me I passed it to him.

Love to take pictures in Uniform !
we always go to have nasi padang after school hohoo...

1st booth photo with him..we were in uniform too...

huh unlike NOW, so not romantic ! we're stress with our work, we have less time to talk about our relationship. we're just too tired after work! and yah! somemore we have Gucci ! hoho we can hardly go for a dating peacefully.

- How's Gucci!? we need to go home now..
- Forget to open the light bla bla bla..
- or I still have some work to do
- I need to go home now, project, submission bla bla bla..

How I wish I can go back to my life 3-4 years ago. totally relax ! no need to care about homework exam money and etc !! no need to care about ANYTHING hohoho~

Catch The Princess and the Frog in cinemas 10th December 2009

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