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30 December 2009

Dinner with his bros

Yesterday we (Him, His 2 bros and I) woke up late ! hoho was about 2? Then we were busy with our own things (browsing the internet, playing the games, cooking and etc) until about 4 we worked together and cleaned up the house. I sweep-ed and mopped the floor. He tidied up the rooms. His 2 bros washed the dishes and cleaned gucci's poo poo and pee pee. We went out at about 5. Had dinner before they went back to Indonesia. We had it at this swiss style food market called the marche at VivoCity.

the sausages were $6.90/ each.
EACH !! lol too expensive
the small bowl of veg was almost $5
the rosti (swiss potato(looks like pan cake)) were $12.90

half chicken
his salmon

when it beeps mean the food is ready to pick up.

ribeye or which ever part of beef =P

Passion fruit+ lemonade


his 2 bros
done ! they left at 10.20
then we walked around the mall =)

toys'r'us love girl fave section !

pink chocolate fountain omg !

pet lover is bigger now..

bought chocobi at Daiso

aw super pink notebook =)

I was looking for organizer
look at what I found
a Charmmy Kitty datebook wohoooo~~

and it's cheap ! hohoho...not more than $4 amazing right?

he bought a DVD

It's about dinos !

movie time ! went to GV
Alvin and the Chipmunks!

we decided to watch sherlock holmes

The show strarted at 10.20
GV max

omg! My portfolio is not done yet huh!

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