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28 December 2009

Day 5 - Dec Mini Holiday (Last day) and Yvel's Wedding Party !

Finally ! Today is the last day of my mini holiday hohohoho... I woke up late !!! phew... by the time I wake up, I have no time ! I told my fams to go without me... huhuhu... So I didn't go to church with sad..

My departure time was at 02.45 (indo time)

bye merzy !
will miss you =)

ups camwhoring!
how's my new hair?
say GOOD ! or I kill..ckck

act sweet

last pic

I had some siomay + teh botol at harbourbay

It was extremely crowded huh!

and finally arrived in Singapore! bf picked me up (very rare occasion) We (bf, his bros and I ) went to DianXiaoEr to have something...

We ordered....

steamed fish
signature dish ! duck !
fried crocodile meat ! lol

And then..Yvels wed !! it was stated *dinner starts at 07.30 we thought were late ! and guess what? dinner started at 08.15 are some pictures to share... yes I meet my intern friends !! and you know what? I was sitting with all the bosses lol

@ Novotel

wahaha so complicated =P

met QL in the toilet

omg my eye bag (fail pic)

again group pic =)

another photo with QL
w/ mag & QL
thx Ql for this pic

w/ QL
hoho w/ Ql again...diff background lol

Then we went to walk around Clark quay

aw clinic concept bar (ever seen this on the internet)

Find a taxi *along the road haha we don't want to join the queue =P

Again Mcd for supper (don't want to take photo of rubbish) =P

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