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26 December 2009

Day 4 - Dec Mini Holiday

yayayayayayay ! here are some pictures of my room. was super messy lol

ok that's me. with armpit shaving pose lol

Dad installed an internet connection in my room! It was simply because of a question that I asked him last night "Do I able to access internet in my room?" (because our house used to have wi-fi, I think dad has removed it) and this morning dad asked one of his worker to install it huahua (I swear I didn't ask for it)

Actually, I should have a telephone connection in my room too. Some years ago, Dad installed it in my room and guess what? I was very angry and asked him to remove immediately! (yes yes forgive me. I know I was BAD) whauhwua my reason was, it doesn't match to my room at all ! lol and also because the cable was so messy and I hate it. hauhau yes now I know I was very bad lol.

Another issue was Once upon a time one of the lamp in my room was spoiled. I asked dad to change it. what he did was, he changed the whole thing ! he installed a new one, another pattern of lamp and said that it was the latest design and it was expensive. And what I did was same thing. I asked him to remove it. simply because I don't like it ! yes now I realized how bad I am and how much my dad loves me. Really blissful to have the BEST dad ever. he dotes me so much and I love him too. I starts to learn to cherish my family.

I woke up late ! was about nearly 12 (Indo time) planned to go for check up unfortunately it was fully booked. why?! why!? I always missed to meet the doctor. They only allow reservation on the day that you want to check up. They started to take reservation from 9 and mostly when it was about 10, the slot will be fully booked. Huh so mum drove me there to buy the facial cleanser and mask only.

I love the mask !

Next time when I came back to Indonesia.
I must meet the doctor lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

seh posing haha!

scared by this pic? that's the purpose lol

I went to Harbourbay to check in (haha) yes check in for tomorrow. I believed that tomorrow will be very (no! super) crowded because it's Sunday. A lot of Singaporean will go back to Singapore. So to be safe, I went there to check-in today.

Then we went to grandma's house to drop some shirts and bags (old and new) that we (mum,sis and I) decided to give away. After that, we went to Top100 mall as mum wanted to meet her friends there. We went to the supermarket to stock for indomie hohoho...

Then we moved to BSC mall. Plan to cut my hair. We went to 2 salons to try and see. OMG ! again...fully booked ! phew..we gave up and decided to have lunch. Yes, mum said I am too fat. So I have to share the main dishes with her. huh! these are what we had.

love the aloe vera

Then again..mum said "cannot ! you have to cut your hair today ! It's too long !" I just can give her (-_-" expression) we went to another salon. yee~~ it was fully booked too and yah finally mum gave up. But when she was about to U-Turn, she saw this !

And she said "want to cut here? it's not bad too." haha what can I say? haha apparently she has not give up. I replied "Ok lorr". It wasn't crowded only a guest sitting at the corner. So yah.. I cut my hair today. Not much different. only a lil bit shorter and she also tidied my bangs.

Because I was very boring.
I took a lot of pictures during the process haha.
They must think that I am xiaw lol!

was wet
(wet and blow ok it sounds wrong LOL)

aw my face looks smaller
my hair covered my face mah

was with mum
ready to cut?

tadaaa done !

finally we went home

omg ! look at what I found.. a super mini cat...
was very cute...
honestly I still afraid of cat
but this one is too cute

can fit into it (is that called a "container?")

he was hungry !

this is unglam hoho..

I shouted to my bro from level 1
"oi en !! come down ! fast!"
haha my bro is a pet lover
he almost bring the cat home ckck..
he brought some merzy's food for the cat
at the end,
and yah no choice but to release it.
omg I really wish that he will be fine !

aw dad tidy up the cable for me hoho...
I guess he knows that I don't like my room to be messy
sweet !

and dad bought SATE yuhuu~

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