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24 December 2009

Day 3 - Dec Mini Holiday (Christmas!)

Woke up early...yes today is CHRISTMAS ! We spent our Christmas in the what we (my fams) always do. ..we have been doing this since I was super young I guess.

otw, sis was driving

that's my dad ! he was translating =)

aw an interesting xmas tree
an unglam part of Indo~

After that, we went to have our lunch at Nagoya hill mall. We had it at this restaurant called "Happiness". Was quite expensive and the food were so so only lol..

corn and crab soup
ice lemon tea, rainbow, avocado

bbq chicken noodle
fried prawn
black pepper beef
baby kailan

dad's place

Then guess what? as what my parent planned, we (bro,sis and I) were being guided and baptized today. So now, I am officially a Christian, His follower. The old me has gone and I am now a new person.

batam center hotel

ok so that's us. Ok! I am the shortest lol!

that's me w/o heels and make up lol lol lol !

was praying (captured from video)

ok since I am the oldest, I was the first one!


So I was reborn and I am a new person start from that moment. Yes I admit even though I always go to the church (since I was a baby I guess), I am not a knowledgeable christian (still). It might ta
kes a very long time for me to find the chapter on the Bible. I might not know the story. But...He's not a stranger to me. I used to (no! should be since I was very young) I always heard about His name. His story. His fact. His kindness. How great He is. How He saved people around me. And from that moment, I decided, I am ready for him. I believed in him. I will be a BETTER PERSON after today. I will think twice before I do and before I speak. Will avoid every mistakes that I might do and I believed that he will guide me along the way.

So yeah that was a peaceful evening.

source :

Then after that, everything were back to normal.

We (bro sis dad and I) went to Top100. I bought this little dress!

Then we went to DC mall to collect my laptop (almost forget!) Then lastly BatamCitySquare mall. We actually wanted to have our dinner at "Solaria" restaurant but after 5mins of waiting, none of the waitress came to serve us. We decided to leave and have our dinner at other places. We went in to Gadeno. Before we sit, one of the waitress approached and gave us the menu. Hoho the food was nice and price were reasonable.

my espresso+ avocado

bbq chicken spagetti
puff pastry
mushroom soup

sirloin steak


So that's how I spent my christmas this year.
Tomorow will be a BUSY day =)

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