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24 December 2009

Day 1 - Dec Mini Holiday

23 December 2009

Wohooo so happy to be in my Indonesia, yes my Indonesia hehe..can use as much water as I can, as much electricity as I can, can eat whatever I want, can go as far as I can without meeting the sun,rain and whatever ckckck, just sleep wake up and EAT ! haha =P and also super happy to meet little merzy ! =)

So mum sis and I went to have breakfast+ lunch at this food court (bro dun want to follow, dad was busy)...we went to this "newtown" foodcourt (which is new I think. I've never been there) the exterior is interesting..

I had this balai ta mi was so so only
hoho mum dun like it actually...

Then we went to DC mall. My laptop needs some check up..a lot of problem recently ! planned to sell it away huh ! and guess what? the sickness came back again just now... I guess I need to go there again tomorrow ! huh! will sell it away after it is fixed!

while waiting we walked around the mall

salak !
want to buy some fish?

coffee bun

we bought vanilla's and coffee's flavor

Then, we went to BCS, I found this lovely dress omg ! Saw it online some days ago and when I saw this just now I almost screamed ! "mummy wo yao zhi ge ! wo yao zhi ge !" ckck...It fit me so without doubt I bought it ! yuhuu~ ! it cost $26 which consider not cheap as the material is not really that wow!

close up

and also a cute pyjamas ! was only Rp 58k !
ckck was like only $8
and yes it's not originally from sanrio
but I still love it !
charmmy kitty =)

Had dinner with dad and mum
(sis went out with her friends bro was at home)
we went to La costa (Again?)

street view

my lychee blue

dad disturbed me lol

dad's salted fish fried rice

my "La Costa" fried rice

tahu telor (tofu+egg)

nyam !
live music!

reasonable price 20% disc summore

aw love this life ! watching 3 TV's on the way home haha...

mum dad and my tiny little hair haha...

wohooo famous bolu original from Medan
it was from bf's bros !

strawberry and blueberry flavour thanks ifan & andy ! =)

omg ! what's this?
aw Hello Kitty?
wahahaha its a gift from bf's grandma and bros
thank you so much ! I love it =)
hauhauaa happy holiday !! =)

I am super happy...
time now is 4.01 and my head is spinning..
I am experiencing a lil bit of headache time to sleep
cya =)

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