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04 December 2009

Christmas with Hello Kitty

yo...went to have lunch with marketing team ystd ! didn't take picture of my nasi padang huh..! After lunch, reuben and I went to chevron house to buy ice cream and otw there...I saw a long queue !! wahaha.. auntie mode : ON so while reuben went to buy ice cream, I went there to see what's going on ! kleenex was having promotion huahuaa..the toilet paper, wet tissue and etc was selling at promotion price..I didn't buy the toilet tissue because it was sold out ! haha and also it's too big lah..if I bought it and bring it to the office, my boss will fail my SIP loh haha..I bought some facial tissue and hand sanitizer tissue... =p

Hersey from sharon =) thanks !

Btw something happened in the office *HAHAHA someone.. hmph.. nothing.. =P the point is that, the kleenex was useful wor ! haha...ok skip!

This bottle of coke is cool isn't? joey's Oasis of the seas Inaugural souvenier ! =P

So I didn't have dinner last night..wahaha should start my diet now..xmas is coming wohoo !

Brought Gucci for a walk yesterday..jalan jalan =)

And today ! I stayed at home ! wahaha I claimed my off in lieu ! but unfortunately I have to work tomorrow ! hohoho I have to work for roadshow huaammm! I cooked this coto makasar indomie for my was spicy ! I love spicy noodle..!

And now, I am watching TV and having some snack nyam! Going to start my mini project for my portfolio now..will blog again..tonight or maybe tommorow =)

Gucci and his teh botol =P

Lastly, I received an e-mail about this HK event @ millenia walk!
thanks to elynn !
hk , daniel and batzmaru will be there to sing and dance!

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