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15 December 2009

Boring tues !

huaammmm...woke up at 10.40 am!! and only have 5 mins to order mcd breakfast ! wahaha.. immediately I looked for my hand phone and search for *mcdelivery in my contact list.. hohoho.... I ordered 2 mc muffins and a hotcakes with sausage.. yeah !! I always wanted to eat mcd breakfast but always too late... the last order is at 10.45 am hoho....

After that, in the afternoon, I did a lil bit of my mini project as I will submit it to my supervisor to take a look tomorrow and will do a mini survey for it.. =) yes! I am going back to the office tomorrow ! wahaha...before this, I told reu..I will loss weight when I came back this week..and tamade ! didn't loss any weight loh...It is increasing actually lol... whatever...the more I plan for my diet, the more weight I gained..when I didn't plan for diet, the more weight I loss...haha so yeah...maybe a diet planning is not a good way for me..

huh quite a boring tues huh ! didn't do anything just turn on and off the TV as well as PC lol...

Btw I change the layout of my it better? please comment =)

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