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14 December 2009

BF graduation @ Fairmont Singapore

wohoooo a super tiring day !

he bought this tie it costs 80 bucks..I can buy 8 ties lor lol !

haha looks like bread packaging lol

I woke up at about 1?
then I called milly's for appointment..
supposed to go there by 2 but yeah...
it was postponed to 3 !
I did gel nail extension hohoho...
it cost me $80
satisfy? 60% only hoho..
cause actually it was quite messy
as I was in hurry hoho...

I have to go by 5 because....
bf graduation ceremony was at 6 !!

was a good day !
love greenies

in process

gina ! the one who did my nail...her eyes was so big and nice !

@ far east plaza
tadaaa my new long nail =)
glittery gold =)

tickets finally...
acai, meiQ and I met up and went to fairmont together
bf was already there earlier...

aw just nice...
we managed to saw him walking to the stage
and get his cert...
these were pictures taken =)

still waiting

tadaa see that handsome boy ? he's my bf ! wakaka...

aiyah...I missed the part where he paused and take photo with his fav teacher louis ! ckck...
I regretted ! I should take video instead of picture sigh !

he's standing on the stage !

credited by acai

done!group pictures

went down the stage

his design~

tadaaa ~

photo of us...

hoho and yeah the point was.....
I was starving
have not eat anything from the morning !
So we decided to serve ourselves hohoho...

we ate this for our appetizer

was not bad actually...

and finally, we can start to eat main course...
these were what I had...
kindly excuse me for the blurness of the pic

because we were standing to eat fiuh...

was very crowded too

tadaaa design! it was designed to hold our glass lol

love this art !

this is me in my georgeous dress ! love love love !

after it ended...when we was about to go home...
we quarrel again..!?
I wanted to take picture with him and
yes he don't like to take photo..
or maybe he don't want to take pic with me *sad huh!
I love to take photo and he hate me taking photo...
so we always quarrel huh huh huh !
I don't know what is wrong huh! seriously!

anywae...even we're on anger, we didn't take it serious..
we went to jap food bazaar style of restaurant...
to continue dinner ! eat again...
huh huh huh !
we were given this card,
when we went from stalls to stalls

we just need to
present this card
get our food
sit down

at the end of dinner, we'll go to the counter
and settle the bill for
whatever food that we've purchased...

he was looking at what's inside the cert

my peach and his apple drink!

beef steak I guess

unagi and prawn okonomiyaki ! wohooo love it !

yummy !!!!!

again membership ! wohohoho...
it cost $32


you can use $10 voucher on the first day upon purchase of the card.
20% disc on the day
as well as 50% for the dessert...
why not? hohoho...

Guess what? I found a photo box inside the restaurant ! wahaha..
bf immidiately shake his head and said
"I've brought you to a wrong place!"

Fav 1
Fav 2
so so
funny! look how he added the thing fiuh!

cannot stop showing my dress

otw to the taxi stand,
I saw this !!! barbie dress in human size !
crazy lor ! so nice ! I want this on my wedding day !
haha should have some crystalic things on it too ckck...

so nice omg purple!

I was begging him for this picture
and he took it unwillingly
so I was like giving him shit face!
looks like I wants to beat him? exactly !

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