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18 December 2009


Wohooooo finally this day has came !



wakaka happy happy happy...

Holiday is waiting for me WOHOOOO~~~

and yah ! I lost $10 for my bet !
haha on the very first of my internship,

I bet reuben and mag will be together as they always quarrel
and huh !.. they're still not together yet ! wahahahaha....


spliting $5 each some more ! wahahaha !

so happy some more...ckck...

no lah jk, they returned me the money hhoho...

ok ok so today is the last day I picked up newspaper
(as I seldom did has become my habits
since the start of my internship)

Today is last day my name appear on SameTime

Today is also be the last day my supervisor called me

Today is the last day I says the word
"pi chiu"
"kontak lense"
"chun chunn"

and yay!
My guests were all sailing safely wohoo~

wahahaha...omg ! I can't believe...I cried when I left...
lol ok so am I the fourth one who cry? wakaka...
It was fine at first,
but when I was about to go out from the office,
everybody was like asking
"will you come back to visit us?"
"remember to drop by ok..."
"will you miss us?"
"see you again ireneee"
"good luck irene"
with all the huggies and wishes

I CRIED ! wahaha...tamade reuben...
he was broadcasting to everyone..
"E... !!!! Irene is crying....quickly take photoooo !!"
"Sam!!!! Irene is crying !!!"
bla bla bla...wahahaha...
I was looking for *TISSUE please...
wahahaha fortunately my make up was water proof
prepared already man!

hoho for lunch, I had it with mag and reuben
we went to banquet and I had this Indonesia -mixed rice
was nice but spicy lor...I quickly ran to buy lime juices lol

During lunch time, we went to buy chocolate for jocelyn as we wanted to thank her for the lunch some days ago. I was thinking, so simple lor..only chocolate and plastic bag. So I applied my creativity skills on it wahaha...I used plastic bag to wrap it and make it looks presentable lor...I was using recycle paper to do the ribbon and flower. Even the card in front. I wrote her name wrongly wahahaha...I almost write it as joycelyn which ended carving a curly christmas tree which end up NICE's Ireneeee's work ! wahaha....

And I bought 4 magazines today ckckck...

reu love mag,
I should win the bet
they were popping the bubble wrap together wahahaha

Then, OMG ! our lao shi, Angela tay from call centre team
bought me an advance xmas gift. Really thanks to her...

so nice of her
haha funny
A personalize mug omg ! sincerely thanks ! =)

Then, OMG OMG ! another colleagues, Yvel, who is helding her wed's party at 27Dec, from maketing team gave me an advance xmas gift too !! and it's a hello kitty make up pouch !! wohohohoo she knows what I like HK...

Really super extremely happy to have so many fun and nice colleagues !!
I am so blissful !

love love love !

After from work, marketing team
treated reuben and I for a dinner...

We walked to clark quay it was quite far from our office and thanks reuben for the singapore river tour wahaha...almost lost and was super tiring lol we had our dinner at this restaurant called the L'Entrepot bistro


escargot yummy! (appetizer)

Chicken Cordon bleu

our table of 8 !
unresistable warm chocolate !

otw home,

OMG ! I really have to say this...
what can be better?
I am really really lucky omg !
I believed, I had the BEST INTERNSHIP ever !
I am so happy really waahhahaha
I Love Royal Caribbean, I Love all my colleagues !
Without y'all, my internship won't be so meaningful ! rou ma *giggling hehehe...

lastly I passed my internship with commendation !! wohoooo....
53/60 yes yes yes =)

Love is all around ! and yay it's time for party !

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