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19 December 2009


woke up at 2 had breakfast + lunch at abt 3,
we ordered pu tien cost about $85 lol

wooo red mushroom

then at about 8pm? we went to watch "AVATAR" ..

source :

before that,I was craving for tickets !! we've postponed since yesterday...and it was always mostly sold out at most of the preferred cinema (filmgarde, gv, cathay), the seats left was only 1st rows or 2nd rows from the screen. and finally I found one which the position was not bad, it's on the center (C 9 & 10 ) and was 3 rows from the back, immidiately I bought the tickets online ! wohooo I found it at Shaw org website, LIDO, orchard ! and finally we get to watch this movie..

were waiting for our taxi and yet it hasn't come !
then suddenly a taxi appear...
and thanks to him
we got into the wrong taxi wolooooo
MALU daooo......

In the taxi

wohooo movie tickets

finally done ! 165 mins !

was crowded

ok the point is...the movie was nice ! omg I love the excitement and yay sometime human really have no feelings ! huh! it was so sad that a lot of the alien didn't manage to survive on the war. anywae, was a happy ending though..I watched the digital version where in the end I though, it would be good to watch in 3D bcause there's a lot of action like flying, running and etc. I've ever watched 3D in *whatever movie (forgot) and it makes me headache! but yay myb it's because that movie was quite boring too *in my impression. I take out the 3D glasses in the middle of the movie.

while waiting for our TAXI =)
very good photo skill.. *clapping
see the figurin beside me?
no head lol
And guess what? he bought this limited edition PS3 WTH ! I really dunno what's he thinking about..! he already has a PS3 and then he bought another PS3 his brain sengek one.. wahahaha

well yeah...nevermind since it's pink...haha..


tadaa....masking at 3am!


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