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10 December 2009

Fullerton Company Dinner

9 December 2009

Wohooo this morning I woke up earlier than usual wahaha... Because I wanted to dress up for tonight company dinner.. soso and yay ! I took the picture of the christmas tree at CitySquare..Nice right? =)

Went to have lunch with Mag, we went to have the YongToFu at Chevron house...was nice hoho...but after eating I felt like vomiting (not because of the food, it's just me! dunno why I always felt like to vomit after eating)

anyway, that's not the point hoho... after eating, I went to buy fruit juice yah orange + aloe vera! haha (boring! but nice!) ok ok thats still not the point, it was raining today ! hauhau see that? it looks like snowing isnt? hoho..

ok that's still not the point ! The point is....Wohooo...the dinner at Fullerton...we have so much fun...and yes...that was the last dinner together with my company because I am leaving soon !! this Friday is my last day. It supposed to be 18 Dec but because I have 5 days off-in-lieu, I ended my internship earlier =) hohoo..

we took quite a number of pictures =) Hope you enjoy it =)


arrived !

Going in

1st round

2nd round

3rd round

4th round

5th round

still 5th =P

this is not mine but edwards ! so unglam huahua...

last round hihihi....

Finally a proper picture

twenties omg I looks like pregnant lol

wohoho with my 2 bosses

Singapore river?


with mag


tamade block us ckck


romantic worr

haha I won $10 ! they are together hahaha =P


nice right?

otw home


woo~~ bf bought xmas present for Gucci =)
happy Gucci, he likes it !

suprise gift from my company !

Parker wor..

just a normal pen

no it is not normal ! waha...with my name on it wohoo~

nice right? huahuaa...blissful!

so personalize =)

love it love it !



10 October 2009

Yeah my breakfast this morning =) MILO !

Had shaw row fan with PR& Marketing team

apple+ cucumber+ kiwi + aloe vera's to improve skin complexion hihihi...

Decembies bday =)

OMG again...snacks ! a piece of choco cake..

yay off in lieu ! 40hrs =)


CitySquareMall B1 !! the service was excellent very friendly thumbs up !

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