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07 November 2009

Sat nite with cici

yaw woke up at abt 12 pm today.. It was so great to sleep till noon..... I thought I can relax and enjoy my weekend at home..but unfortunately NOT ! my annoying house owner requested for meet up for the rental fee (as bank has closed) LOL !! *harrllow !? we'll not run away, can't you just wait till Monday? huh~ anywae... So, I went to Raffles Place to meet her up and bf accompanied me hoho...

after that, we went to Plaza Singapura for movie ! we watched SAW XI lol I used to like the movie but it's getting bored, the methods used were all almost the same hohoho.... we bought the Astro Boy combo and a boost mango tango for myself hehe...

btw, when we bought the tickets, the counter girl asked "are you guys 21 years old?" my bf answered "ya" (confidently as he have an Indo's driving license which stated he's 25yrs old LOL) and for me I just open my bag and realized *oups I am not 21yrs old yet and fortunately the girl just assume that we're 21 ckckck....

After movie went back home, had Mcd and bath dating with Gucci and sleep =)

Simple saturday hoho~

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