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08 November 2009

Sunday at home

yewww....woke up at abt 2pm.... and was very hungryyy... decided to cook something.. mum ever said that the pan cake mix was not bad, decided to try, dunno how to cook, how much water to mix with, called mummy, no one picked up, decided to use feeling haha...

1st attempt was failed ckck..the shape wasn't there and too soft, too much water I guess...

Second attempt better.. decided to stop, afraid cooked too much and can't finish..

Decided to bake the chicken pie in the oven and fried some sausages....

so these were our breakfast =)

For dinner, we Had KFC and before that, We played PS3 and Wii

- Street Fighter (he won for 7 times and I only won once huh...)
- Boxing
- Wii sport (golf, bowling,rugby, tennis and etc)

It was fun and yay... I love my bf when he hugged me fr the back, teached me how to play boxing with Wii hohoho... I always says he's super boring and not romantic... he'll always ask me back "how romantic you want me to be?" I'll just keep silent...

He always showed his love my giving me expensive stuff, it wasn't what I want .. a simple sms with "I miss you" or a bowl of freshly cooked instant noodle is enough.. =)

watching Chealsea VS Man u now =)

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