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14 November 2009

Shitty Sat !

Shitty day ! huh..woke up extremely late...and decided to go to Kitty Lab tomorrow ! sigh! plan to go to GV to watch at least a movie so I can get a 20% discount on Kitty Lab Ticket time ! huh~ will go for a ship visit on next Monday and Tuesday and my bf only available on weekend and next weekend I'll be off to the 8D7N cruise trip !! huhu..last chance to go to Kitty Lab is TOMORROW !! so I have to wake up early for it...or the worst will be CANCELLED !! anyone who's reading, kindly wake me up, if you don't mind gimme a morning call tmrw..because if I missed it..I WILL CRY hahaha! ok anywae, feel pity for bf, he has to work even though today is a WEEKEND ckck...

so for breakfast, he bought these fatty BK !! huh..can't you buy something more healthy? lol
And yeah, it was no life for today actually, after eating, we fell asleep while watching movie in the living room, yes, gucci's had his nap too....OMG !! sleep+eat = die ! LOL fat fat F.A.T !

I think that's all for today OH YA !! I received this TheBodyShop newsletter !! have to shop tomorrow !! as I have a total of $90 to spent and I have a 30% disc voucher which will expired this on 30Nov! wohooO~ I think I will have another posts with Bankrupt part III title lol

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