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15 November 2009

Relaxing Sunday~

I am drinking this Starbuck -Dark Chocolate Mocha while blogging~
envy plz~

So yeah, I didn't go to the KittyLab

1. Woke up at 2pm !
2. Expo is far from my house
3. Haven't go to GV for a movie so I can't get 20% disc.
4. Today is weekend ! $38/pax instead of $35/pax on weekday

Luckily I checked the FAQ from the site last night.. I didn't realize that actually photography is prohibited lol !! the reason that makes me want to go there were;

1. Yes ! I like Hello Kitty but $38/pax and $76 for me and bf its a lil bit too high, I can buy a collectible item from HK souvenir shop and look at it everyday.
2. Photography is not allowed, OMG really disappointed, I was planning to take as much photo as I can, but too bad they don't allow !
3. I did e-mail them and asked, whether they will came out with better promotion, they said they are not sure. I think, nearer to the date, they might came out with better deal, but yes I am not sure too.

So to the point, our KittyLab plan is CANCELLED ! hohoho...anywae we still enjoy our day at home, ordered KFC delivery yes O~ My~ GOD ! haha.. again again and again junk food...! fiuh~

I was craving for their cheesy BBQ meltz ! If you like nachos, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS

hohoho...So after eating it was the time to move a bit!

I swept the floor
Washed the clothes (actually washing machine did it haha)
Cleaned the table and etc
Ironed the clothes

He helped by washing the dishes
Folding the clothes
Settled cici wee wee and poo poo
Tidy up work place.

After that, I was planning to go to PS for TheBodyShop, unfortunately, when I was done with my things, it's nearly to 8pm ! haha actually to be honest, Lazy =P so decided to go another day..fiuh~ what has been planned were all cancelled ! lol

Random pic, my SIP company 2010 calender, nice isnt?

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