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10 November 2009

Mr.Ong Bday ckck

Gucci went missing when I woke up this morning...Guess where was he?


Sleeping on my wardrobe....

How cute he was lol...when he saw I was awake, he quickly jump to my bed and kissed me hoho... really happy to have cici~ went to work this morning.. had lunch with ah qiao and reu at the conference room ckck... I had porridge and again, healthy fruit juice hauhaua...I bought the one which was strawberry mix carrot and milk if I am not wrong...

thx for your pose reu for blocking my face !! lol

Bought the cake at Bengawan Solo

reu bought the diet juice ckck..... btw there's another new colleague coming in, her name was Joeyyy~~ haha almost the same as JOE the bday slut haha..yes today is JOE'S BIRTHDAY.. But unfortunately he wasn't surprise haha coz he saw it from the glass of our intern room hohoho.... ah ya...I have to mention this...mag shouted "joe... quickly cut and slave the cake" wakaka...the whole office laugh lol... and supervisor did some swing walks which makes all of us laugh hardly ckckck...

These are my donut and his cake.... =)

sorry for the blur picture =P

And thanks for the beautiful slice of cake lol

After from work, met bf and went to City square.. It was like our house liao lor..haha we almost go there everyday. Today, we had dinner at this street...and after that, as usual, PetLover and FairPrice =)

took a snapshot at CS mall' toilet hoho~

shiuhh~ spot that rubbish? lol
his milk tea and my salty plum soda

Veg + salted egg sauce nyam!

Garlic prawn

Gucci baby's snack =)

And good news !! my bf promised that he'll take me to this HELLO KITTY LAB @ EXPO !! ahr...can't wait hohoho...the ticket are somehow expensive huh ! but ya it's cheaper compare to fly to JPN or TWN lo~ ckck so worth to go aww !! *sad..I can't bring Gucci there huhu~

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