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02 November 2009

Monday really blueeesssss~~~~~~

So yeah...Back to normal, I am at hell again.. huhuhu.....from my previous blog, I always mentioned "went to work, had lunch wif ...., ice cream, dinner etc etc.." In short..all my blogs were showing one words "Boring" hoho... And for work, I was given a task from last weeks and I was informed to finish it by Wednesday ahrrrr !! my eyes were tired..huhu it hurts~ (REALLY) can you imagine, stare at the computer for about almost 10 hours? now I know how tired working is..yes I left at 08.00 today (which supposed to end at 06.30) huhu....I have to pay attention to every single word sigh~

Sometime I really want to go back to Indonesia, be a princess in my very own palace, BUT I CAN'T !! I have to prove somethig for my family, I have to make my parent proud of me, I have to be success and be proud of myself too.

I have to work hard for life... (for Gucci too..) hehe..

I have to start to plan what's next now, If everything goes smoothly, I will get my diploma in April 2010 !!! omg~ it just some months away...

MAYBE I will keep working...I am broke ! I need money..

MAYBE I will further study...and for now, the only univ that I aimed is SIM hauhau.. coz yeah..not the BEST but better hehe..and yah Hopefully, I can get into it.. and what I've seen from the website, If I want to get a degree in Marketing (yes, I always want to get that major) I just need A YEAR MORE ckck..I want to graduate as soon as possible =) and I am looking for school for my bro too, he's coming next year.

And for today, yeah as what I said, as usual, had lunch with reuben, almost faint this morning...TOO HUNGRY lol~ I used to skip my breakfast and now, I can't live without breakfast which is GOOD !! hoho finally, I am normal.

salmon teryaki always

reu went to buy fruit juice and it was long queue

When I reached home, my baby Gucci approach me excitedly and happily hohoho...muah ! and I saw a box of Jco !! huahuaa...I had a piece and as what I mentioned, I AM BROKE, I only had this superb instant noodle for dinner ckckck...


And yes..I fought with bf !! over a small things (instant noodle) huh ! That's why I didn't publish this post, which supposed to be published yesterday (2 Nov)

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