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06 November 2009

Love my lovely mummy !


thanks mum who came to Singapore this morning just to accompany me to the clinic..!!

huhauaa...and really sorry, I was late to meet my mum it's because I need to tidy the house before I went out, we went to Kovan and go to the clinic by TAXI hahaha we know that it's just nearby BUT we dunno how to walk there...there's bus but we're lazy to walk to the opposite as we're at the HeartLand mall for lunch hohoho....btw I got this shirt for only $ 5 !! lol..

love the purple colour note: actual colour was quite different compare with this looks like blue here..

And so, we had bak chor mee, and yeah, I queued for about 15 mins? it was a long queue and thanks to auntie and uncle who quarrel I can watch and smile haha... the uncle scolded the auntie coz she didn't queue properly which resulted another new shortcut queue and the auntie scolded back "it's my business, it's up to me how do I want to queue" and %$##^(P(*.... em cai lah.. haha..

Then we went to the clinic, I was no.10 we waited for about 45mins? huh...btw thx reu who recommended this, because my skin was super sensitive and yes the doctor did say this too, do you believe, I've spent over 10k for my skin? I've ever went to sgp private dr at somewhere sgp, mt. Elizabeth hospital, numerous of clinic at Batam, even Malaysia but still cant be cured huh hopefully, this time I am lucky, btw dr did mention a super disappointing sentence "your condition is very unlikely to recover 100%" OoooOoooh my goddddd~~ huhuhu...I really want to give up and just be like this but yes my parents love me !! they can't bear to see me like this, mum alwaysssss find ways to cure my skin and yeah...I'll try my best then, I was given body showel gel and some cream as well as medicine well yah, I'll try to use it as often as possible huahuaa..coz u know, I always late for work, how can I still apply this apply that ckck....

$ 130

After from the clinic, we went to Bugis and back to VivoCity for shopping

I love this drees but unfortunately only left with size L and it was too loose huh!

Anywae really thanks to mummy !!! can't bear to let her go back alone, I was thinking to go back too, help my mum to carry the things but yah, if I go back it will be another expense. Even I know mum and dad always welcomed me happy to see me back to Indonesia . They even call me up and ask me to go back, but I'll only go back when I think it's the time haha, I meant all the things has been bought, so I'll not rugi mah as I bring so much things back ckckck...I've become so Singaporean now haha... (no offence to Sporean *peace ^^v haha)

Then after sending my mum, I went to meet bf and had sumptuous dinner with him at PizzaHut CitySquare and these were what we ordered and yes it was too much haha....

My strawberry paradise (s'berry tea)

emerald sparkle

My beef lasagna

meat galore twist n' dunk
hut's platter
sweet and spicy drumlets

too much lol

Then we went to FairPrice to buy some needs and went back home lohhh~ (mag 's style of Lhooohhhh~ haha..)

btw I bought these rings at harbour front !! it only cost me $ 9.90 + $ 3.90 !! love...

leopard printzz *boomz ckck..

Btw yah I don't need to work today... off in lieuuuuhhh~~ (mag's style of lieuuuuhhh~~ haha)

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