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17 November 2009

The Legend of the Seas - Ship's visit part II

Woke up early this morning but still almost LATE ckcck... went to HarbourFront... Assisted Reuben on distributing the visit pass and go on board again !! yuhuu~~ Before that, Reuben bought curry puff hoho and the shape is so weird ckck...we went on board to assist ship tour.. and had lunch at romeo and juliet yuhuu~ some more pictures on the facilities and etc to share it here, enjoy~ =)

Random picture just ignore it =)
weird shape curry puff
My pass

most royal room haha~

After that, at about 2.00pm we disembarked except Reuben, because he's going on board for a 3 night cruise ! hehe...and yeah a FUNIEST NEWS EVER ! his bed configuration is TOGETHER w/ my supervisor, Sam hahaha...

Anywae, so I went back to the office with collegues and start to busy with the e-mail. For dinner, met bf and had it at Swensens @ City Square. I really dunno when two of us can STOP eating lol lol lol...

I promised myself, I will finish my slimming session at London (7 sessions to go) and also time pampering myself with my salary ! haha yes it's not much but to me that's enough ! huahuahaua.....

Lastly, here's some Casino guide haha..

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