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13 November 2009

Jap Resto Rock !

So…Yesterday was a VERY BUSY day… start from the morning I’ve been researching about the address of Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh embassy in Singapore as my boss need some tourism magazine of each country…so after lunch…..(pause)

Had lunch with Joey, Rue, Amit, Sharan and Mag Btw... ckck I had this ban mien, not bad, then went to arcade again…uncle’s healthy fruit juice ! I am in love with the Orange+ Aloe vera juice ckck….

(Continue) yah after lunch, I started my journey, haha yeah; I travel from Novena, Dhoby Ghaut to Clark Quay LOL... I started from Novena MRT just a walking distance to the Sri Lanka embassy, Gold Hill plaza

Then go back to velocity, novena, by BUS no. 680 I travelled to Bangladesh Embassy, Sunshine Plaza

Then again, by bus no.147, I travelled to my last point, near to clark quay, High Street center, at first, I went to the wrong place ckck I went to Hight Street PLAZA lol…

After I’d done, oh gosh, I was lost, it should be just walking distance to MRT, but I dunno how to and actually, I can see my work place area from the point I stand but I dunno how to reach lol I tried to go by bus and you know what? I was waiting for NR6!! haha I just know that Bus No with NR only operate at night !! LOL! fortunately I ask reuben abt this, if not, I think I’ll be waiting till midnight ckck~ and almost alight at the wrong point and finally I found my way and alight at Newton MRT..

FIUH!! After report back to the office and yes it was just nice 06.30!! Off from work yuhuuu~~~ BTW, I just wonder about this and I registered already!! hauhaua you might want to register you CEPAS too.. And don’t forget to put me as the referral “” haha…

After off from work, quickly I headed to Bugis and had dinner with my bf at Iluma and we had this Jap Food!! NICE and COOL man! haha yeah..Irene is from Kampong lol… New techno to order food!! Just tap what you want to eat from the menu!! Yes…on the pieces of paper!! lol.. I think, next 10 years, food might be flying to my table…hahaha.. Ok ok so these were what we had…

Zuwaigani Shioyaki

the meat was like beehoon ckck

Kani Roll

His Yakiniku Curry rice, he don't allow me to take photo of his food huhu...


kimuchi fried rice

Ice lemon tea and lemon sour plum

Mango kakigouri

yuhooo another collectable membership =)

After dinner, met his friends and we watched 2012 OMG!! A *MUST WATCH* movie..was so exciting !! And good story line, my bf said, he’ll stop buying game and save 1 billion haha…go and watch, then you know what it mean ckckckk…

Ok I think that’s it! I’m in the office now *giggle (colleagues if you are reading this, shhh!!!)

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