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30 November 2009

Isles of SouthEast Asia part II

25 November 2009

Woke up in the morning, called for room service hoho..had a bowl of soup of the day, some cookies and Hot chocolate !! hohoho...the hot chocolate is awesome ! =)

On board expenses are all in USD huh that's what I was left with haha...

There was a BBQ lunch

SalsaCruiseAsia goodie bag

ahrrr !! Complimentary makeover from MAKEUPFOREVER !! wohoo..

Deck 1 where the medical center was located hoho....
was going to disembark !!

wohooo patong beach !

yay PHUKET =)

that's the tuk tuk car =)

Our driver =)

Our taxi was comfortable de lor ! hoho...

The menu ckck

was full of electricity cable ! lol !!

It was everywhere...

Our first stop was the cashew nut factory

cashew nut crashing

it was the cashew fruit ckck

cashew drink


shopping time


dried crab

dried prawn

I did buy some snacks for mum and dad ckck~

wohoo went to have birdnest wor...

After having the birdnest pny and ks went for massages, which I don't feel like to do as my skin is super sensitive and yes I am shy hahahahahaha !! so the driver drove me to a nearby shopping center... Robinson !

the stuff wasn't cheap lor hoho...I bought a shirt for bf and some funny mask for colleagues ckck...

aw this is so cuteeeeee isnt?

aw another surprise ! it was an elephant !! hohoho...

shirt for bf
of course some snack for my boy ckck

and guess what?
without thinking I bought this !! haha...

Me and lil Gucci so cute isn't?? hahaha people must think that I am crazy ckck...but it's really nice loh...haha..and it looks really like Gucci ckck..I love it so much ! at least It will be the most memorable item for me !! I love gucci hohho...!!

And finally Dinner !!

Menu on that day

potato cream soup

breaded turkey

macha mousse

wahaha the dessert lol it was too much

wohoo enjoying breeze at night is heaven !

26 November 2009

woohoooo was feeling fresh that morning....

(I love to take picture from this angle it looks slimmer haha )
I love my shirt !
which I just realized it's similar to the carpet at romeo and juliet hahahaha wth !

hahaha aniwae I still love it ! =P

It woke up quite early on that day but it was still TOO LATE !
haha I missed the towel folding class, origami class as well as the napkin folding class LOL !!


lunch of the day~

Ice sculpting

an Indian guy hoho...

BINGO game !

Finally last round !!

Fiuh ! I lost US$ 16 ! huahuaa...

so nice ~

a lil bit of pink !

wohoo beautiful sea and cloud !!

art auction

some snacks before dinner !

sluuppppp !!! love the wonton noodle !

grilled salmon anyone?

Anti pasti


stir fried prawn !

lamb shank

warm chocolate

When I walked into my room ! this little doggy is holding the remote controller !!The sweetest thing ever !! haha how I hope I can marry a man who fold animal towel for me everyday ! huahuaa...

haha so cute isnt? he was watching the TV !! hohoho...

aw pink lugage tag !

gratuites !

Where you get your midnight supper =)

27 November 2009

wanna have some wine tasting?

Lastly & finally
I am back to Singapore huahuaa....

had breakfast at banquet HarbourFront

Going to share some awesome stuffs I bought from the legend of the seas !
stay tune =)

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